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Brothers Reunite in Inhumans, “Havoc in the Hidden Land”

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“Havoc in the Hidden Land” Plot Summary:

Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and the Royal Family agree to a parlay with Maximus (Iwan Rheon) on the Moon. However, the terms of the parley don’t sit well with everyone.

This week’s episode starts with the twist that Triton (Mike Moh) is alive. This isn’t exactly a bombshell, considering we never saw his body. Categorize it as a minor surprise, since the show had seemingly moved on from the search for Triton. I’m a bit confused with the revelation that Black Bolt apparently knew he had survived and had a secret plan involving a bunker ahead of time. Black Bolt’s previous actions don’t reflect this knowledge.

Confusion aside, Medusa (Serinda Swan) gets a good moment where she asserts her authority to Black Bolt as queen. Medusa is more focused on restoring the peace than Game of Thrones-style revenge, a notable change. Audiences tend to enjoy payback more, but she’s probably in the right wanting to take the higher road. Still, I wish we’d see how she forgot her parents’ values. Otherwise, it’s harder to believe she had to relearn them the way she has on Earth.

Speaking of values, it’s very clear now that Maximus’ ulterior motive has always driven him. Ideas of liberty were means to an end or based in frustration with his brother. He makes that clear to a disappointed Auron (Sonya Balmores). But that doesn’t mean he’s going to give up his power so easily. The Royals should’ve suspected duplicity during the parley, but then again, it’s essentially impossible to guarantee honesty from either side during such handoffs. It’s not a simple prisoner exchange.

Even though Maximus has gone power crazy, he shares a poignant scene with Declan (Henry Ian Cusick), in which he laments having no family to celebrate his Terrigenesis with. He must know that it was never going to be that way, but stepping into the booth in a dim storage room is in stark contrast to the normal ceremony. Maximus will probably get his powers, but that’s only if he gets back to the room. He might have deal with a zombie Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) if he does.

“Havoc in the Hidden Land” is definitely an improvement from last week. All the characters make decisions that fit with where the season has taken them, even if we’re left in the dark about events prior to the season. After weeks of mostly waiting, things have picked up in entertaining fashion. Every confrontation means more now. It’s not going to be an amazing finish, but maybe Inhumans can deliver a satisfying ending.

Rating: 7 out of 10 (Good)

Aaron Sarnecky
Aaron Sarnecky
Aaron Sarnecky is a Senior Writer and Former TV Editor for The Pop Break. He is a TV/Film grad of Rowan University and the fraternal twin of Senior Columnist Josh Sarnecky. The two record retrospective podcasts together. Aaron probably remembers that canceled show you forgot existed.

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