Dark-Pop Artist HOLDN releases second single ‘LOSER’


Photo taken by Zach Foerst

The up-and-coming dark-pop artist HOLDN just released her second single, “LOSER” on Jan. 5 to celebrate her 23rd birthday. This track features the Long Island, New York-based rapper, Marcaux. Together, they prove that despite what others might call you, as long as you believe in your own worth and continue following your passions, there’s no way you’re a loser.

At the beginning of “LOSER,” you hear some eerie, distorted synth sounds and then HOLDN comes in with her soulful vocals singing the lyrics, “shot me down, fit me to the mold, but I’m breaking out, before I lose my soul.” These words and the sound of the song give off dark vibes, from the honest lyrics that explore serious issues to the haunting quality of HOLDN’s vocals.

The song picks up once it reaches the chorus, and this is where you hear the EDM and trap music beats. The chorus muses: “They told me I would be a loser/how did I grow to be so strong?”

Before you know it, Marcaux starts spitting verses about being a “loser with a winner’s mentality.” His words combat what it means to be a loser and show that ultimately, you’ll prove everyone wrong and come out on top.

The dark pop and rap sounds of this song as well as the EDM and trap music elements all work to appeal to a wider audience. This is definitely a sound that could easily make its way onto the charts.

Overall, “LOSER” is very relatable for listeners, as we’ve all felt like a loser from time to time. This song encourages us to find our inner strength and disregard the people who are trying to bring us down.

You can listen to HOLDN’s new single “LOSER” on Spotify here, or follow her on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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