Review: Regression #6

Are you ready to dive back into the nightmare?

I hope you’ve been keeping up, but if you haven’t there will be spoilers from Vol. 1 (issues 1-5) of Regression. At the end of Issue #5 Molly and Adrian were running for their lives. Detectives Coates and Graymercy were hot on their pursuit. The detectives were able to put the puzzle pieces together and learned that Adrian definitely had something to do with two of their murder investigations. Adrian was ready to talk to the detectives and turn himself in.

Regression #6 cover

As Coates and Graymercy got close to Molly’s car to make the exchange for Adrian a mysterious van pulled up. A group of masked people came out and were armed to the teeth. No on stood a chance as they swooped up Adrian. So, who are these people? Did Molly, Coates, and Graymercy survive? What will they do with Adrian? Those were the questions I had at the end of issue #5.

One of my questions is answered immediately at the beginning of this issue. Adrian has been thrown into some sort of a prison. He’s being questioned about Sutter, but Adrian is positive that all traces of Sutter are dead within his mind. The masked creeps are back and they’re speaking in some strange language in an attempt to wake up Sutter inside, but Adrian is staying strong.

While all this is going on we switch scenes to see Molly meeting with Det. Graymercy. Here we discover that Adrian has been missing now for two weeks. Graymercy is willing to work with Molly in hopes of finding Adrian. They only have one lead, a mysterious symbol, the same symbol we’ve seen since Issue #1. Molly and Graymercy take off to investigate further.

Molly and Graymercy end up in the middle of nowhere in front of a tiny trailer style home. Graymercy is really suspicious because Molly was supposed to be taking him to an occult expert. When they enter the tiny home Graymercy realizes it’s actually a pretty nice little shop. That’s when Leo comes out to greet Molly. Leo is the occult expert, store owner, and he also happens to dabble in cryptography. He’s the perfect person to ask about the symbol. The only problem is that as soon as Graymercy presents Leo with the symbol he gets real freaked out. Says the symbol is evil and will lead to them losing their minds.

Meanwhile Adrian is being tormented mentally still in his mystery prison. But, suddenly a visitor approaches without a mask. She’s familiar, she’s the beautiful goddess-type-creature we’ve seen before. She’s not alone this time. She has Sutter with her. Adrian pushes them out again. Some time passes and Adrian is greeted by a large group of people and sunlight.

The group informs Adrian that a person named Wilson would like to see him. They give him clothes and head off to meet with him. Here we get a glimpse of the place Adrian was being held, and Wilson lives in a pretty nice looking house. Well…until Adrian actually enters the house. That’s where you get to see some waking nightmares and where this issue ends.

Ok, I have to talk about character development for a moment. Molly went from a sweet helpful friend to a bad ass. She’s never given up on Adrian, she’s always believed in him, and she wants to break him from his curse. Molly seems to be just enough into the occult to know who to ask for help and it’s ridiculously helpful. I love that her and Graymercy are teamed up because they’re both incredibly intelligent and are great at putting the puzzle pieces together. I just wonder if they’ll be driven to madness trying to help Adrian.

I also wanted to talk about those questions I had at the beginning of the review, they’re all more or less answered in this issue. Well, with the exception of precisely who the people are that abducted Adrian. But, you do get a glimpse into their daily lives and their culture. I really can’t wait to see what Wilson has to say to Adrian. I also look forward to learning what this cult is all about, but at the same time I’m cringing because we know what Sutter’s past cult life experience was like. I guess we’ll have to wait for the blood sacrifices in the next issue.

Rating: 9/10

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