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The Luke Cage Season 2 Premiere Puts Marvel’s Netflix Universe on its Back

Luke Cage Season 2
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They may call him the Power Man, but after the blunder that was The Defenders, does he have any power left?

Well my friends, I’m happy to say Luke Cage is back, as powerful as ever, and with even more promise than he had in his premiere season. Once again, we see Luke (Mike Colter) kicking ass (and not so much taking names), with some really powerful players going up against him, hoping to make up for the blunder that was Diamondback last season.

The season starts off immediately playing to its strengths from the first, aka the visuals and stellar soundtrack, then cuts to some realistic looking action, which is something that really makes Luke Cage a stand out from the rest.

This isn’t some hero who seem intangible to the regular human mind, but someone relatable, which is hard in a world where we have a literal God of Thunder and a giant green monster gallivanting around the place.

Luke is a tired man, especially in the opening scene where he goes through the motions of just beating up some low class drug dealers/suppliers while listening to his signature tunes. This scene could also represent the tired feeling we have as the audience regarding Netflix Marvel adventures as the stuff they have been producing has just been…well let’s just say Iron Fist and speak no more of it. However, as the opening credits roll from this scene we are greeted with the sunlight, almost as if a brand new day, and brand new start is upon us with this mini Marvel world and it’s back to its glory days.

For someone I cared so little about when we first met him in Jessica Jones Season One, which to me is one of the best season out there of television, he is truly becoming the Marvel gem that Netflix needs and a Marvel gem in general. This is truly a testament to the writing of the series.

The storylines, action, and characters feel refreshingly real. These aren’t some goofy villains in capes, or ones trying to rule the world; they are people wanting power, just like how it is in the real world, so to see this on a show like this is thrilling in its own right.

In addition to the on par writing, the acting is truly something very exciting to behold. Alfre Woodard and Theo Rossi as Mariah and Shades respectively, truly steal the show in every scene they are in, reminding me why villains are always the most fun to play and watch, Mustafa Shakir as new villain Bushmaster sets the bar high and redeems the show for its faulty villain in Diamondback last season. His final scene in the opening episode really was gruesome and promising and shows that this season really means business and that Marvel/Netflix wants to step it up again.

My only complaint in regards to the premiere episode, and potentially the new season as a whole, is the over the top cheesy speeches Luke Cage gives all the time. We get it, you are invincible and blah blah blah, but stop telling everyone that all the time! I feel like I’m stuck watching monologues back in theatre camp all over again. Oh, and let’s not forget that dumb hero walk he did to end out the episode. If you want a season to start off promising, end with the bad guy doing bad things like Bushmaster’s fight scene, not on the hero doing the same walk we have seen in at least every Marvel movie ever made.

And I won’t even put much words or thought behind this but…please stop bringing Clare Temple (Rosario Dawson) into everything, okay? Great thanks.

All in all, the season is off to a promising start and the Marvel/Netflix universe feels like its getting back on track, which is a bold statement, but one truly deserved in this case. So here’s to the Power Man, hopefully he can lift this mini universe back up again and show the world Marvel is boss.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.

Luke Cage Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.



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