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Review: Transformers Lost Light #24

It’s all over.

One more issue to go and it’s over. A years-long, quest-spanning, time-traveling, status-quo-shattering saga is coming to an end, and this issue ends a battle a year in the making.

It might not have been up there with the Decepticon Justice Division or the second coming of Overlord.

However, the craft to tell a story about gods and robots, a legacy which many writers will skirt around, too afraid of crossing a boundary typically too sacred for anyone besides Simon Furman to cross.

James Roberts has earned his right to stand alongside Simon Furman. Way back in More Than Meets the Eye, we were introduced to a haphazard crew seeking adventure and this was not going to carry over the serious tone Dark Cybertron and Chaos had left in its wake.

Even in issue #24, where death surrounds the unified teams featured in MTMTE and Lost Light, there was still plenty of room for sarcasm, cynicism, and some damn good humor. Similar to a Marvel movie. You’ve got your serious Captain America, but the loose Iron Man to keep things from going all DC.

This issue continues with our goodbyes, not as much death as seen in Unicron and Optimus Prime, but there is some tragedy, and most notably some noble self-sacrifice. I honestly couldn’t believe Autobot Megatron would be a thing. It still is.

Lost Light fought their big bad, and in just a few weeks the final chapter will be released. We will see who stayed and who passed. Who moves on and who sticks around. To use a Furmanism: “It never really ends, does it?”

I’m saving my praise for all the amazing talents, James Roberts, Jack Lawrence, E.J. Su, Joana Lafuente, Sara Pitre-Durocher, Alex Milne, Casey Coller, Geoff Senior, and more, for the final review of Lost Light, coming soon.

The next-to-last issue of Lost Light gets a 9/10.

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Lost Light #24 is now available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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