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Young the Giant, Matt & Kim, lovelytheband Rock Radio 104.5’s Winter Jawn 2019

Pop Break Live: Radio 104.5’s Winter Jawn 2019 at Xfinity Live! in Philadelphia featuring Young the Giant, Matt & Kim, lovelytheband, The Interrupters, Bob Moses, Dave Keuning of The Killers, Fitness, The Brevet, and the Great Enough

Philadelphia’s alternative radio station 104.5 hosted its annual Winter Jawn Saturday at Xfinity Live!

This “mini” festival showcased some of the most popular acts in the alt genre, along with some smaller bands you “ought to get to know.” Ten bands played on two separate stages over the course of the five hour show.

Fans lucked out last year when unseasonably warm temperatures brought out over 11,000 people. This year it was a frigid 30 degrees when the show started this time around and by late afternoon the place was packed. The crowd was seemingly unaffected by the weather and was enthusiastic throughout the entire day!

It was a killer lineup, with main stage artists being Young the Giant, Matt and Kim, lovelytheband and The Interrupters. Local Philly band The Great Enough opened the main stage at noon and got a great reception from the crowd. The smaller stage lineup wasn’t to shabby and included superstar guitarist Dave Keuning from The Killers, Bob Moses, Royal Teeth, The Brevet and the band Fitness.

The Interrupters fired up the crowd with their infectious ska/punk sound and set the tone for the day. The band has starting gaining a rabid following — particularly after the release of their 2018 album, Fight the Good Fight.

Other highlights were the chill set from indie pop band lovelytheband who is still riding high from their giant 2017 hit Broken. They got a great response from the crowd when they played songs from their critically acclaimed album Finding it Hard to Smile, released in late 2018. Check out Pop Break’s interview the band.

And then there was Matt and Kim. Their live shows have become legendary. Philly adores this band. This wildly entertaining electronic duo brought the party and the crowd just ate it up. Their highly charged set included confetti, balloons and blow-up dolls. Check out Pop Break’s interview with the band

I’d hate to be the band that has to follow them but headliner was Young the Giant. These guys know how end the show on a high note! Lead by charismatic frontman Sameer Gadhia the band lit up the cold crowd with their mega hits “My Body,” “Cough Syrup,” “Something to Believe In,” and their latest single, “Superposition.”

For those who never wandered over to the second smaller stage, you really missed out. The Brevet, Royal Teeth, The Great Enough, and Fitness gave great high energy performances that really impressed. Dave Keuning of The Killers and Bob Moses’ performances were more chill but equally enjoyable.

The Northeast weather has been harsh lately, with ever changing temps that even included a polar vortex. This “Jawn” was the best place to be to beat the winter blues. I’d say from the crowds reaction it was just what the doctor ordered!


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