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SDCC Trailer Reaction: The Walking Dead Drops Season 10 Trailer & Teaser for the Rick Grimes Movie

MIchonne Walking Dead Season 10
Screenshot Credit: AMC

Written by Josh B. Taylor

It was certainly a day for Greg Nicotero at San Diego Comic-Con. After all the Creepshow news, AMC dropped the trailer for The Walking Dead Season 10.

The trailer makes one thing very apparent — the group is heading back to war. The trailer shows tension rising between Darryl (Norman Reedus) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)as he’s now out of his cell and gardening, helping around Alexandria.

Survivors are tense about The Whisperers and are now starting to fear what’s outside their walls once again. There’s new romances, and another possible location (a beachfront) for them to stick around.

There’s two moments in the trailer that got me excited. The first being where Alpha (Samantha Morton) is telling Carol (Melissa McBride) and the others that when they crossed over “the border” into The Whisperers land they have to be punished. To this Carol replies, “Bitch has to die.” This is yet another reason why Carol is the best character in this whole series.

There’s also a shot at the end of the trailer with Michonne (which we used as the main photo of this write-up) that begs the question, are our heroes any different than how Negan and The Saviors were? I’m very hopeful for another intense season of the walking dead this October 6th, on AMC.

But there was something intriguing that happened before all this. Before the Season 10 trailer dropped, we got a teaser clip of a helicopter (which seemed animated) flying towards a city. The Walking Dead title then appears on the screen with the main theme. The last part of this teaser clips sees words pop on the screen that says,  “Rick Grimes Returns Only in Theaters.”

We all know Andrew Lincoln isn’t appearing on the show anymore, but he’s attached to return for at least three Walking Dead films. Watching the series up to this point; I’m curious to see what’s going on in Ricks world these days. Who’s excited for Skybound Entertainment to head to the big screens soon?

The Walking Dead Season 10 returns to AMC on October 6. The rest of the series can be found on Hulu.

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