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The Bachelor Season 24 Fantasy Suites Review: The High Drama of Pete & Madison

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It’s time for everyone’s favorite episode of the season… The Bachelor Season 24 Fantasy Suites time!

If you remember from last week, the episode stopped after the rose ceremony when Madison pulled Peter aside to talk with him.

Madison told Peter that if he slept with someone during the Bachelor Season 24 Fantasy Suites episode it would be hard for her to move forward with their relationship. She basically gave him an ultimatum of “Don’t sleep with anyone else or I’ll leave.” It wasn’t phrased like that, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean for it to come across as an ultimatum, but it did. 

Of course, they don’t come to any kind of resolution. Peter doesn’t promise to not sleep with the other girls, and Maddie isn’t 

Peter and the girls are in Australia! For whatever reason, Peter uses this as an excuse to speak with an Australian accent and say stereotypical Australian phrases.

The girls found out that they would all be in the same house during the Fantasy Suite week, which is unusual because the girls typically have their own space during this week. The vibe between any and all of the girls is absolutely awkward as hell. 

Bachelor Season 24 Fantasy Suites
Photo Credit: ABC

Fantasy Suite 1 – Hannah Ann

Peter and Hannah Ann went jet skiing and then sat on the beach and talked about the Fantasy Suites in general. Peter told Hannah Ann that he’s falling in love with her. They made out while rolling around in the sand, they made out in the water. I forgot how boring the Fantasy Suite dates were. 

During the dinner portion of the date, there was a weird vibe that just screams that they just wanted to fuck each other and everything else was a formality to get to that point. Hannah Ann told him that she wouldn’t care what happened that night as long as they were together in the end. Peter handed her the envelope to the Fantasy Suite. 

They got to the suite and drank some champagne. He fireman carried her onto the bed and after some shots of them making out, the camera panned away. It is safe to assume that they had a lot of sex.

Fantasy Suite 2 – Victoria

They went on a helicopter ride and made out a bunch. Then, they sat near a waterfall and spoke about all the shit that went down during hometowns. Nothing drastic came out of that conversation.  

During dinner, Victoria opened up about her past relationship where she was neglected, which kind of fucked her up now with how she communicates with Peter. Peter asked her what from her past relationship made her walk away so often. He was putting a lot of pressure on her to dig deep about her past relationship and it started to upset her. Peter isn’t a therapist and he should stop pressuring her like that. He handed her the Fantasy Suite envelope. 

They went into the fantasy suite and made out a bunch. They laid on the bed and made out more, and then the camera panned away from them. They did the morning after with Peter, which was something they didn’t do with Hannah Ann. Then, they made out more and she went back to the house.

Fantasy Suite 3 – Madison

They went to a building and traveled up 77 floors via the elevator and then they walked up some outdoor steps that lead to the top of the 90-floor building.  

During the dinner portion of the date Peter was anxious because he had been intimate with the other women. She told him that she was saving herself for marriage. He told her that he respected her so much for that, but that’s not him. He asked her what her expectations were of him. She told him that she wouldn’t be able to say yes to an engagement if he had slept with the other women.

Peter dropped a line that is something along the lines of “You’d be willing to drop a forever with me because of something that happened this week?” and I think I know what he’s trying to say, but she clearly had told him that this would be a deterring factor for her. She mentioned that she had a hard time wrapping her head around the idea of him getting down on one knee to propose when the week prior he had sex with a different woman. I understand where she’s coming from, primarily because she did voice it to him. 

He told her that he had been intimate, and he didn’t want to lie to her about that. The disappointment on her face was so apparent. She excused herself from the table and walked away. Madison was crying, and Peter was crying. Madison admitted to being hurt and let down. She did make it clear that there was a chance he could lose her if he made certain decisions. And with that knowledge, he still chose to get his dick wet and do what he did. 

He eventually went after her and asked to speak with her. He apologized to her, even though I’m pretty sure he doesn’t regret doing what he did. 

She mentioned wanting to walk away and he begged her to not walk away. He apologized to her and kept begging her to not walk away. And, like a badass, she turned and walked away from him.

Next week is a combination of the Women’s Tell All and the next episode.

The Bachelor Season 24 Fantasy Suites episode is now streaming on Hulu.



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