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And The Winner Still Is: Ordinary People, Raging Bull & The 1980 Oscars

Welcome to the fifth episode of Season 2 of our retrospective Oscar podcast series — And the Winner Still Is. Hosted by film editor Marisa Carpico and senior editor Matt Taylor (Way too Early Oscar Predictions Podcast) this series looks at various years in Oscar history. Film staff writer Tom Moore guests.

The winner of Best Picture is spotlighted and then the other films in the category are discussed. The duo also breaks down the director and the acting categories as well as other another notable categories. Of course their own our personal snubs will be addressed as well.

The episode focuses on the 1980 Oscars aka the 53rd Academy Awards. Nominated for Best Picture were: Ordinary People, Coal Miner’s Daughter, The Elephant Man, Raging Bull and Tess. Winning individual awards were: Robert DeNiro (Raging Bull), Sissy Spacek (Coal Miner’s Daughter), Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People), Mary Steenburgen (Melvin and Howard), and Robert Redford (Ordinary People).

Please note that a person mentioned in this episode was recently exposed or condemned for wrongdoings #MeToo related or otherwise. These seasons involve so much research and coordination, we record these episodes months before posting. While normally that means we don’t know who won the most recent Oscar, in this case it means we discuss this person without the context of that information.

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The 1963 Oscars – The episode focuses on the 1963 Oscars aka the 36th Academy Awards. Nominated for Best Picture were: Tom JonesCleopatra, How the West Was WonAmerica America, and Lillies in the Field. Winning individual awards were: Sidney Poitier (Lillies in the Field), Patricia Neal (Hud), Melvyn Douglas (Hud), Margaret Rutherford (The V.I.P.’s), and Tony Richardson (Tom Jones).

The 1941 Oscars – The episode focuses on the 1941 Oscars aka the 14th Academy Awards. Nominated for Best Picture were: How Green Was My ValleyCitizen KaneBlossoms in the DustHere Comes Mr. JordanHold Back the DawnThe Little FoxesMaltese FalconOne Foot in Heaven, Sergeant York, and Suspicion. Winning individual awards were: Gary Cooper (Sgt York), Joan Fontaine (Suspicion), Donald Crisp (How Green Was My Valley), Mary Astor (The Great Lie), and John Ford (How Green Was My Valley).

The 1996 Oscars – The episode focuses on the 1979 Oscars aka the 52nd Academy Awards. Nominated for Best Picture were: Kramer v KramerAll That JazzApocalypse NowBreaking Away, and Norma Rae. Winning individual awards were: Dustin Hoffman (Best Actor – Kramer v Kramer), Sally Field (Best Actress – Norma Rae), Melvyn Douglas (Best Supporting Actor – Being There), Meryl Streep (Best Supporting Actress – Kramer v Kramer), and Robert Benton (Best Director – Kramer v Kramer).

And The Winner Still Is Season 2 Premiere Episode – The episode focuses on the 1996 Oscars aka the 69th Academy Awards. Nominated for Best Picture were: English PatientFargo, Jerry MaguireSecrets & LiesShine. Winning individual awards were: Geoffrey Rush (Best Actor – Shine), Frances McDormand (Best Actress – Fargo), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Best Supporting Actor – Jerry Maguire), Juliette Binoche (Best Supporting Actress – English Patient), and Anthony Minghella (Best Director – English Patient).

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