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Socially Distanced Episode #23: The Batman, The Suicide Squad & DC Fandome

The 23rd episode (we’re two weeks from our Point Pleasant watch-a-along!) finds Al and Bill bringing former Pop Break film editor Dan Cohen out of retirement to talk about his favorite thing the world (outside of Tom Brady) — Batman and the films of the DCEU.

The reason our heroes dusted the moth balls off of Dan was because the DC Fandome event which premiered trailers and teasers for The Batman (starring Robert Pattinson), The Suicide Squad (directed by James Gunn), Wonder Woman 84 (which might be released this year?),¬†along with the brand new DC video games, including Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (which we won’t see for a long time, sadly).

Al, Bill and Dan discuss:

  • The overall presentation of DC Fandome
  • Could this be the new way we do ‘cons.’
  • Could this be the end of the ‘con boom?’
  • Wonder Woman 84’s reveal of Kristen Wiig as Cheetah
  • The Suicide Squad vs. Suicide Squad (mostly Dan’s hatred of that movie)
  • The Rogue’s Gallery James Gunn has brought together for the film
  • The choice of Robert Pattinson as The Batman
  • Michael Keaton in Flashpoint
  • The DC Video Games
  • Our overwhelming love for King Shark
  • How often Fandome should be presented
  • Where DCEU stands after Fandome
  • Future films we’d like to see in the DCEU
  • And of course, The Snyder Cut

Please Note: This is not our normal format. Since Fandome was such a big, news-filled event we opted to let the discussion roll. So there was no Sliced of Fried, Music in a Time of Quarantine, Watchlist, or Glimmer of Hope segments in this episode.

The DC Fandome is a free, streaming event that aired on August 22, 2020. The next Fandome event, which we discuss in the episode, will take place on September 12. The subject of this event, nor any of the guests and hosts, have been revealed to the public.

For more info on DC Fandome, check out there official website.

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