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Review: Morningside Lane, ‘These Are Our Years’

For as many bands as we have in the Jersey scene, a select few truly encompass that original raw, gritty Jersey Feel. Outside of bands like Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, a band I would put in contention for the title of “most Jersey” band would be Morningside Lane.

Earlier this month the rock outfit released the full length album, These Are Our Years which is chock full of stellar guitar tones, gritty vocals, and music that is arguably more Jersey than pork roll.

The title track, “These Are Our Years” kicks off the album with a very raw short and sweet interlude type feel. that serves as a really nice lead in to the next track, “Glass Skin.” I can’t say enough good things about “Glass Skin”, which was appropriately released as the first single off the record. You can check out my in depth thoughts on the single here.

Another track that really caught my attention was “Under the Notion” which had somewhat of an ’80s meets Wallflowers type vibe that I really dug. Love the guitar tones on this one and the synth. The refrain echoing, “Under the notion that I’m still young” definitely hit me in the feels.

My favorite track on the album has to go to “Same as Me’ which is an absolute banger. Drummer Brian Morelli absolutely kills with the fast blazing 16ths on the hi-hat and accented floor tom hits. The guitar solo is pretty epic as well. Prepare to head bang for three and a half minute straight.

The last track “In our Prime” echos some earlier themes on the album and is the perfect closer. Some great clean guitar riffs here along with great chorus chants during the refrain. Put a bow on it, because this really wraps up this fantastic album.

In an earlier interview with the band, I mentioned I loved the approach the band took with the slow burn on releasing this album that was recorded many months ago. This is something I’m seeing more and more bands do lately, and I am absolutely intrigued by it. I also really like the band’s philosophy when it comes to the theme of this album.

Frontman and songwriter, Marc Del Giudice, explains that, over the course of the album, the protagonist “rebuilds their life from rock bottom, describing the beauty, pain, and confusion of the process. These Are Our Years is a story of liberation.”

These Are Our Years is available now on Apple Music and Amazon Music.


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