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The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3: Margaret Cho Hosts The Roast of Clare Crawley

As a quick recap, the last episode ended at the beginning of the cocktail party. We have not had the rose ceremony yet and we are eluded to the fact that drama will happen this episode and someone will storm out of the mansion. I am led to believe that person will be Yosef, since he seemed disgruntled by the fact that the men played strip dodgeball at the 

Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 Segment #1: Cocktail Party

One of the opening scenes was really fun from a viewer perspective because we got to see how upset Yosef was. A bad taste was left in his mouth from the strip dodgeball game the other men plaid on the group date (to clarify, he was not on that date, he was just upset by the fact that it happened). So, Yosef started off sounding pretty logical and basically spoke what we were all thinking.

As the oldest Bachelorette, we were expecting some maturity, but she basically threw a tantrum during the first group date and then played strip dodgeball during the second group date, so it’s not going as expected. While talking to some of the other guys, he mentioned that he was thinking about bringing his displeasure up with Clare, and the other guys egg him on to do it! It’s so funny because they were definitely acting like little devils on his shoulders pushing him to do the thing that they knew would cause a rift between him and Clare.

And he does.

Yosef sat with Clare and started out pretty calmly. He started off by asking her to allow him to finish before she interrupted. He addressed the red flags with her, and you could see her face go from pleased to unhappy. He told her that he found her actions to be disrespectful. He said he was appalled by the (strip dodgeball) group date and called it humiliating and degrading. He didn’t understand how it translated to finding a husband. He also said that he felt like the other guys were just appeasing her. And honestly, the way Clare was handling this verbiage is much calmer than what I was expecting. She only lost it after he said, “I expected a lot more from the oldest Bachelorette” and you could see the flip switch inside of her. Cherry on top of all of this, he said that wasn’t the right example of what he wanted for his daughter, and he told her that she wasn’t setting the right example for his daughter. He even said he was ashamed to be associated with her! Like, Yosef could have trodden a line where he got his point across to Clare without hurting her feelings or coming across as a total prick, but this was not the way to do it. And the worst part is that he just kept talking. And after a certain point he was repeating himself in different ways and Clare finally interrupted him and he got pissed off.

In this instance, I am team Clare. Yosef crossed a line and Clare basically told him to leave because of course that was going to happen after their conversation. She told him to leave, and he followed her and kept insulting her. Eventually the other guys step in and tell him to leave and he storms off after shouting rude things at her, and she’s in tears. For anyone watching the promos, this is where the scene comes from where she says “To sit there and say you’re the oldest bachelorette… Guess what? I’m the oldest bachelorette that’s 39 that’s standing here that’s single because I didn’t settle for men like that”. And although all the men are worried for her and were probably looking to comfort her, Dale was the only one that got through. Dale comforted her, made her laugh, and helped her feel better.

Clare addressed the rest of the men and told them that she wasn’t up for conversations and that she would just take some alone time before they did the rose ceremony. I wasn’t a fan of that decision because I feel like a lot of them men were cheated out of some quality one on one time that can be had during the cocktail parties. I wish she ended the night there and just did the cocktail party and rose ceremony the next day. I mean, all of this is moot anyway since she’s basically already in love with Dale. 

Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 Segment #2 – Rose Ceremony

🌹 Group Date 1 – Riley

🌹 Solo Date – Jason

🌹 Group Date 2 – Chasen

🌹 Blake Moynes

🌹 Dale

🌹 Zac C.

🌹 Demar

🌹 Brendan

🌹 Jordan

🌹 Joe

🌹 Jay

🌹 Bennett

🌹 Eazy

🌹 Ben

🌹 Ed

🌹 Ivan

🌹 Kenny

🌹 Zach J.

Photo Credit: (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 Segment #3 – Date 1 – Group Date

Participants – Chasen, Jason, Jay, Eazy, Ed, Blake, Dale, Riley

Prompt – Today we separate the men from the boys

It was from this moment that everything started going downhill. In preparation for the date itself, Clare met up with DeAnna, the Bachelorette from Season 4. Aside from the small chat, she asked Clare what she thought of the men, and Clare basically used the rest of her time with DeAnna to talk about how infatuated she was with Dale. During this chatting session, they cut back to the guys every so often to show the men who were supposed to be on the date just kind of sitting around. And at one point, Clare was talking to DeAnna about Dale and DeAnna said, “Ah, Dale, I’ll have to keep an eye out for Dale”. Which leads me to believe that DeAnna was supposed to join on this group date.

I say ‘supposed to’ because after more shots of Clare’s conversation with DeAnna, and them cutting back to the guys sitting in the house, we learn that hours have passed and it’s almost nighttime and the men haven’t gone on their date. Eventually Clare strolled into the room with the guys and tells them that they did have a daytime date planned, but since it’s getting late, they’re just going to have a really long cocktail party instead. There were a few reasons this didn’t sit well with me. First of all, Clare is being disrespectful to the men and their time. It’s not like the men were able to use this time lounging around the beautiful resort they were in.

They couldn’t scroll their phone for hours or watch tv or anything. These men were literally just sitting and waiting for her. The other reason this didn’t sit well with me is because the group dates are typically where the Bachelor or Bachelorette gets an opportunity to see a new side of some of the constants. Usually they can see when someone is willing to step up or go outside of their comfort zones for them, and taking that opportunity away removes any chance for some of the other men to really shine. Not that any of these points matters anyway since she’s just going to pick Dale, so I don’t know why we’re even jumping through these hoops anymore. 

All of the men meet with Clare for the Cocktail portion of the date. Clare lead a toast which was followed by Dale telling the other guys that he wanted to speak with Clare first, “even if it’s just for five minutes” and he wanted to tell everyone because he ‘respected’ them. But first he asked for a group hug with everyone on the date… the other men didn’t seem thrilled about that. Clare and Dale absconded, and from that point onward it became the Clare and Dale show. She walked him to her suite! They sat on her bed and started having a conversation and it only took a minute before they were laying on top of each other and making out with each other. Apparently, an hour passed before Eazy went looking for them. The very very very awkward moment happened when Clare opened the door, said “Dale’s here too!” and it’s was so obvious that they were not just talking! I felt really bad for Eazy in that moment since he had to experience that, but proud that he broke them up because I think if he didn’t break them up like that, they would have just stayed like that for hours. He walked back to the other men and he was beaming.

Clare and Eazy got up to join the other men but before Clare got to them, there’s a shot of her talking with her producer and she said, “can we kind of hurry the rest along?” which made me so upset. It came across as so disrespectful. But that’s what happened, the rest of the guys had to speed up their time and steal time away from each other. It’s easy to assume that the rest of the guys only got a few minutes alone with her each, and probably because the producers were having them go and interrupt each other. But another awkward moment happened when Jay was sitting with Clare, and Dale strolled into the room they were in. While in her alone time with Jay, Dale strolled in “by mistake” and Clare asked if he wanted to come over. Where do I begin with this level of awkwardness and disrespect? She needed to respect that Dale already had time with her and she should have been using this time with Jay. He didn’t even ask about going over, she invited him over. Jay decided to leave, because of course he didn’t want to be this awkward third wheel between them, and the other guys got pissed that Dale was getting more time with her after already having so much time with her. It was no surprise to anyone when Dale got the date rose. 

Clare Crawley
Photo Credit: ABC/Maarten de Boer

Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 Segment #4 – Date 2 – Solo Date

Participant – Zach J.

Prompt – I’m looking for my best friend

I felt bad for Zach J during this date because it is so obvious that she’s still thinking about Dale. Even when she left for the date, she mentioned how cute she thought Dale looked in the house with his backwards hat. 

They went on a spa date together and got pedicures. It was weird because it seemed like she was having a decent time in the beginning. And Zach mentioned how he would do anything for her. In one of her confessionals Clare said that Zach’s excited energy translated into nervous energy which stressed her out. And she said that “In moments like this, I wish Dale was here” and I feel bad for Zach, who really thinks this date is going well. They were hanging out in the pool together and Clare mentioned that she was going to leave to get ready and that she’d meet him at dinner. She went in for a kiss and then she pulled away at the last second. This was another moment where it got pretty awkward and uncomfortable and it all happened so fast. Clare pulled away and started freaking out. Zach got defensive because he didn’t understand what happened. Clare told the confessional that she felt uncomfortable in that scenario and it was at that moment that I knew she’d be sending him home. What I was hoping for was that she would meet him at the dinner, they would talk it out, and then she would decide to keep him after learning this was all a misunderstanding. Instead, she let him get ready for the date and Chris Harrison went over to him and told him that his time was done. She basically broke up with Zach via text. 

Bachelorette Episode 3
Photo Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 Segment #5 – Date 3 – Group Date

Prompt – Don’t take it Personally

The guys meet with Margaret Cho and they learn that they’re going to be roasting each other and that the other guys who aren’t on the date are going to be in the audience. Well, since all the men are mad with Dale, basically everyone said something about him in their set. The editing of this episode though acted as if he was the only person that was being ripped on during the whole roast, but surely the other men didn’t get up on the stage and just make one joke about Dale and then leave. But this sat the wrong way with Clare because everyone was making fun of her boyfriend. Bennett in particular really ripped into Dale mercilessly, and the best part was that all of the other guys were cheering for him because they all just hate Dale. Clare left the roast telling herself that “that wasn’t funny” but it’s sad because it totally was funny.

The cocktail portion of the date definitely felt more like an interrogation than a date. Clare basically asked all of the guys why they were ripping into Dale so much. And at one-point Bennett said to her that was just part of his roast, but he didn’t want to spend all of their time talking about that, and Clare immediately back-tracked back into the conversation. That’s what happened with all of the men.

Clare ended the date by not giving anyone the rose and leaving in a tiff because she’s upset that they made fun of her connection with Dale… at a roast… she was upset that people were making fun of him at a roast. Clare is the exact opposite type of Bachelorette who would have fun at a roast. I feel like Rachel or Hannah B. would have had more fun with a roast group date. 

Next Week

Next week is when shit is going to hit the fan. Here’s what we can guess from the teaser that they showed at the end of the episode.

At some point, Clare leaves – We hear one of the men say, “Clare is gone and I still haven’t fully comprehended what the hell is going on.”

The men are packing their suitcases to go home.

Tayshia WILL SAVE THE DAY! – There’s a stunning shot of her getting out of the pool in a red bikini. There have been rumors floating around about how Clare is going to be replaced by Tayshia because Clare decides to leave, and that may certainly be the case! At least, that’s what I have my fingers crossed for.

The Bachelorette Season 16 Episode 3 featuring Margaret Cho is now streaming on Hulu.



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