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Year in Review: The Best Underrated Comic Book Series of 2020 

The Boys Season 2
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Written by Daryn Kirscht

In a year that has seen a stoppage or delay of numerous productions across Hollywood, some solid comic book television has survived the pandemic and made their way to anxious viewers across the world. If you are looking to watch some of those shows, here are my recommendations. 

  1. The Boys (Season 2) – Amazon Prime Video 

This Amazon Original Series, developed by Eric Kripke, has garnered great reviews – especially in the most recent season – and has helped launch Amazon into the streaming war against Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max. The series’ dark, violent, and comedic tone differentiates itself from most other content in the genre. If you like The Boys, you can also catch the upcoming spinoff series, G-Men

  1. Lucifer (Season 5) – Netflix 

Initially labeled as a show attempting to “glorify Satan,” Lucifer tackles the biblical concept in a lighthearted way with an incredible lead actor in Tom Ellis. The series is based on the DC Comics’ Vertigo comic series and was developed by Tom Kapinos. The series survived cancellation by FOX after three seasons and lived on over at Netflix. Ever since the switch, the series has never received higher critical acclaim. Here’s hoping my favorite actor, Tom Welling, will make an appearance in the upcoming final season of the show as Detective Pierce / Cain! 

  1. The Umbrella Academy (Season 2) – Netflix 

This stunning Netflix series has been one of the most under-the-radar successes within Netflix’s catalogue of original content. The most fascinating aspect of the show, in my opinion, are the comic books that the series was adapted from. Gerard Way, the lead-singer of the band, My Chemical Romance, wrote the comic books that the show is based on. Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater developed the series and the superhero mystery series blossomed from there.

Season two, which debuted this year, tackles time travel in a satisfyingly unconventional way. The Umbrella Academy, already renewed for a new season, is definitely worth a watch. 


  1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Season 3) – Netflix 

I was among those that felt shocked and disheartened by the recent news of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s cancellation. It comes as a surprise with new episodes due out in late December. Initially thought of as a companion series to The CW’s Riverdale with the intention of crossing over, this new adaptation has received positive reviews and has been one of the more popular television series on Netflix. Kiernan Shipka shines in this teen-centric adaptation and if you are someone that enjoys the show, I implore you to watch the upcoming episodes and share your enjoyment of it online to give Netflix a reason to save it. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina deserves it. 

  1. Doom Patrol (Season 2) – HBO Max 

What more can I say; Doom Patrol has it all. The show, originally on DC Universe and now on HBO Max, has been an incredibly well-crafted series so far that entails something for everyone. There is depth and character development that explores the darker side of every character, yet there are plentiful moments of levity and wacky, bizarre comic book craze. From having a street named Danny being an important role character to Crazy Jane’s multiple personality disorder, the show has strong X-Men vibes that covers a myriad of time periods. The ninth episode of the first season, “Underground,” is my favorite television episode ever and, just like the first season, season two has no weak episodes. It is an amazing series from start to finish and earns my number one spot.


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