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Tony Khan on Forbidden Door, The Injury Bug, Okada, & More

Tony Khan on a media call to promote AEW x NJPW’s Forbidden Door PPV this Sunday on PPV. Tony Khan discusses the injury bug that hit AEW, the creative for Forbidden Door, New Japan, Will Ospreay, Okada, Bryan Danielson’s surprise opponent for Zack Sabre Jr., AEW’s Wellness Policy and more.

  • The wild episode of Rampage tonight
  • The Countdown to Forbidden Door Preview Show
  • Injuries have lead to changes for the show
  • His love for WCW and New Japan’s collaboration in the ’90s
  • The difficulty of booking Forbidden Door given the injuries in AEW & New Japan
  • The evolution of The Forbidden Door card
  • CM Punk’s involvement in Forbidden Door prior to injury
  • A special stipulation for Forbidden Door
  • Bryan Danielson Update
  • Jon Moxley’s Recovery and Transformation
  • The Availability of Jay White & Okada For Forbidden Door
  • Zach Sabre Jr.’s Mystery Opponent
  • Forbidden Door 2
  • The Good Dilemma of Wrestling Right Now Due to Star Power
  • How AEW is equipped to deal with the slew of injuries
  • Matches Added to the Buy-In
  • AEW to Canada — in particular the Alberta province
  • His Knowledge of Stampede Wrestling
  • Owen Hart and The Owen Hart Foundation
  • Bret “Hitman” Hart
  • Okada’s debut in AEW
  • Challenges of not having New Japan talent on television sooner
  • Okada’s love of Manchester City
  • Putting the show together and keeping with the traditions of New Japan.
  • Relationships with Gedo and Konnan
  • Wrestling politics
  • Is Forbidden Door a test run for more AEW PPVs.
  • Will Ospreay in AEW
  • Orange Cassidy’s star power
  • AEW stars carrying titles in New Japan
  • The fan’s demand for this show
  • Choice of Interim vs. Vacating Championship
  • A Wellness Policy in AEW
  • Advanced buys and audience retention
  • Starrcade 1995 – WCW vs. New Japan
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