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AEW Dynamite 5/10 Review: A PPV on TV + A Completely Shocking Ending

Lineup for AEW Dynamite for May 10, 2023.
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite 5/10 starts right out of the gate Dynamite starts with a fast-paced, explosive match which sees Claudio Castagnoli defeat Rey Fenix with the Ricola Bomb. Great match with Claudio trying to constantly catch the much faster Fenix in efforts to power him down to the mat. A great match, so much fun to watch.

Throughout the night we get “Pillar Promos” from MJF, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, and Darby Allin. Gotta say, the first promo from MJF was a home run right out of the park. The other promos were great too, having other wrestlers putting over the challengers. This main event at Double or Nothing is going to be intense. Sammy’s promo was without angle, but from his own journey. 

Backstage, MIRO is seen walking backstage, and enters an office marked for Tony Khan.

In the ring, FTR confronts Team Jarrett about manipulating Mark Briscoe. Team Jarrett demand an answer to their challenge for the tag team championships. Before things get heated, Briscoe comes out with a bottled beverage, tries to make peace between them. Briscoe announces they will have a tag team title match, and he will be guest referee. As cups are handed out, Jarrett seems uninterested, while Dutt starts chugging… then spits it out, Great Muta-style into Dax’s eyes. This results in a brawl, where somehow, Dax piledrives Briscoe!!


Backstage, Renee Paquette catches up with Chris Jericho who is getting a match with Adam Cole at Double or Nothing, but until then, he is banned from buildings where he is present. However, Roderick Strong arrives to challenge Jericho next week to a Street Fight, and the JAS is banned from the building. 

Backstage, Renee is by the office of Tony Khan to find out what is going on with Miro, only to encounter Thunder Rosa!! She also enters the office! 

Tony Khan makes an appearance, appearing to be taped, teasing some big news, in-part to many wrestlers coming to or making a return to AEW. So next week, another announcement will be made. 

Orange Cassidy retains the AEW International Championship against Daniel Garcia

What a great match. Lot of close calls, and the last moments of the match were intense. Garcia locked in submission after submission, despite the reversals, until Cassidy managed to lock Garcia’s shoulders down for the pinfall. 

The announce team did a great job of emphasizing how Garcia would often stall or mess around, going into “entertainer mode” which might have cost him the match. Excalibur accurately stated Garcia could have won if he was “more wrestler and less entertainer.” 

Great match. Cassidy, as comical as he is, manages to incorporate his shtick into solid wrestling. I hope at some point Garcia decides to stray from the J.A.S. at some point. These are the types of matches which are truly enjoyable. 

Christian Cage comes to the ring for an interview with Tony Schiavone and boy oh boy the Detroit crowd let him have it. Couldn’t hear him at all over the red hot crowd. The final moments go to white hot as “Edge is better” chants completely drown him out. Christian is at peak career. He never got this type of heat in any other company. His feuds and promos have been excellent thanks to how much venom he pulls from a live crowd. 

Julia Hart defeats Ana JAS in a No Holds Barred Match

Good match, better than expected. I never would have pegged Julia to be in this sort of match, so big kudos to her for rising the ranks. Some sick chair spots during the match, culminating with a top rope superplex, followed up with her signature submission for the win. 

House of Black defeated Best Amigos

Right after the previous match, Best Friends, Bandido, and Cassidy are with Renee backstage, and while initially hyped for their match, forget to choose a stipulation for their Trios Title match. They go with “no spooky witches.” We get some interesting stuff going on. Lights out in the crowd, only the ring illuminated. This sort of match represents what I enjoy most about AEW. Matches are fun to watch, I’m invested in both the match itself and the result. They hook me into watching something enjoyable. These are fun matches, and don’t always need the super-serious build. Just give me a good show. 

Backstage, Cassidy is taking a forced nap thanks to IWGP and NJPW Strong Tag Team titleholder, Kyle Fletcher. 

Main Event of AEW Dynamite 5/10 – Steel Cage Match: Kenny Omega with Don Callis vs. Jon Moxley

What a wild one! Opening minutes have a brawl between BCC and The Elite, Danielson on commentary, bodies everywhere. We finally get into the cage, Omega and Mox tear into each other. Dial is turned to 11 very quickly as Omega introduces a barb-wire chair with horrific results! Mox gets shredded, stomped with the barbed wire repeatedly. He won’t have to blade tonight! Mox manages to get some payback, scraping Omega against the cage, hitting him with the chair as well. Huge spot before the first break with Mox Superplexing Omega onto the chair. During the break Mox dismantles the ring, and uses it as a weapon in trying to rip Omega’s face off. It’s back and forth, what a war, until disaster strikes and they go crashing out of the cage! Once back inside, Mox pulls out a screwdriver and attempts to maim Omega, but Don Callis interferes, stealing it away! Omega plants Mox repeatedly through broken glass and victory is in his sights. Omega scores the One Winged Angel, but DON CALLIS STRIKES OMEGA WITH A SCREWDRIVER!!! Mox covers and pins Omega! WHAT THE HELL!? Callis has turned on Omega!

Wow. Fantastic match with one hell of an intriguing finish. Does this mean Callis has aligned with the Blackpool Combat Club, or simply using it as his own opportunity? What does this mean for Konosuke Takeshita? So many questions and Double or Nothing is just weeks away! 

This was an awesome show tonight. I’m hyped. 

AEW Dynamite 5/10 is now streaming on the TBS app and on demand.


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