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Socially Distanced #186: Dave Filoni’s Star Wars Takeover PLUS Tennant’s Doctor Who Returns!

The Socially Distanced Podcast is hosted by two pop culture obsessed dads who decided to take their Facebook messenger conversations and turn them into a podcast. In 2022 they brought their friend, a pop culture obsessed mom to the show, and things got even better!

Join hosts Al Mannarino, Amanda Rivas and Bill Bodkin as they discuss everything in the world movies, music, sports, television and pop culture — everything keeping them sane in this time of socially distancing. This podcast is powered by ThePopBreak.com.

ALLONS-Y! The Socially Distanced Podcast jumps back into the TARDIS to discuss the first Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special – ‘The Star Beast.’ Join host Amanda Rivas aka The Human Star Wars Encyclopedia, Bill Bodkin aka The David Tennant of The Pop Break and resident Whovian Randy Allain of “Every Pod You Cast ” (our 2024 Police discography podcast) as they discuss all the timey whimeyness of the reunion of The Doctor and Donna Noble. They discuss the significance of this reunion, the mystery of The Doctor’s face, the new supporting cast, how Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor factors into all this and more!

In the pre-game segment they discuss Dave Filoni’s ascension into the role of Chief Creative Officer for LucasFilm and what this means for the Star Wars Universe going forward as well as the Indiana Jones and Willow franchises.

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