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Review: Cobra Commander #5

It all ends here, only to start a new chapter in the era under Cobra Commander!

As the events from the last issue still shake the status quo of what you thought you knew of the sinister forces in G.I. Joe, readers are pushed into the final pieces of just the first of many puzzles.

The fearless, nameless antagonist sends a threatening message to an individual revealed in Duke, the other elements from the prior issues are brought together under one banner as future plans of domination are laid wide open. 

Not-so-spoiler alert, the one commanding orders invites Destro to join his cabal, to acquire resources and the means to continue the exploration into the new form of energy capable of powering his robotic soldiers known as Battle Android Troopers, or B.A.T.s for short. 

With a brief display of firepower and technical expertise, the “one giving orders” easily sways Destro and company to align their interests together. However we can see Destro is no fool, and sees perhaps a flaw in the proposed strategy, one which seems to involve a transforming being. 

By the end of Cobra Commander #5, a familiar symbol on a large banner is unveiled, troops are amassed, and we now call the one who gives orders, Cobra Commander. 

This final issue of the second G.I. Joe-themed miniseries superbly wraps up most of the loose ends while simultaneously and likely intentionally have allowed some of those unanswered questions to remain just that for the next two upcoming miniseries in Scarlett and Destro. I have to admit I felt it thrilling to watch each piece from previous issues come together and feel like a grand gesture, a major proclamation if you will, forming the entity known as Cobra. I felt like a kid again. 

But wait! We’re not done yet. Back in Cobra-La, there is much discourse and anger towards one of their own who brought metal into their world and paid a price for allowing it. As the inhabitants of Cobra-La are seen rebuilding after the events in the Energon Special from Free Comic Book Day, we know Megatron has escaped. We also see another pivotal character from the Joe Cartoon, the villainess Pythona is hell-bent on learning more about these metallic, robotic creatures from another world. The final pages show a craft heading in just this specific direction, out into the cold, vastness of space to confront the beings we know as, The Transformers. 

I have to wonder though if Pythona will find Cybertron, or perhaps something closer to Zertonia from Void Rivals?

The possibilities are figuratively and literally endless! 

Cobra Commander #5 is now available at your local comic book store.

Michael Dworkis
Michael Dworkis
Michael Dworkis has been a writer for The Pop Break since 2010. For over a decade he has contributed columns featuring Anime, Comics, Transformers, Television, Movies, and most notably, Professional Wrestling. Additionally, one of the key players in the original Angry Nerds column and a guest on one of Bill's various podcasts. When he is not grinding away at his next feature, or shouting expletives at the television while playing video games or watching wrestling, Michael actually has a full-time job,as a Mental Health Professional, working at a medical practice in New Jersey, and runs his own telehealth private practice. A family man through-and-through, requiring his three children to memorize all the Autobots and Decepticons on the collection shelves while also educating them in all things Marvel and Star Wars. You know, the stuff Disney owns.


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