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Marvel Blood Hunt Round-Up: Black Panther, Strange Academy, Avengers, Midnight Suns & More

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics/Francis Yu/Margaret Gho

Marvel’s Blood Hunt event series has spilled over into so many comics. A number of heroes are getting their own specific mini-Blood Hunt runs (e.g. Spider-Man), while there are others that have been specifically created for this event (Blood Hunters), while even other comics are incorporating them into their current runs.

Given the sheer number of comic titles involved, we’ve consolidated our reviews of many of these titles into a big catch-all piece. There are some books (e.g. Dracula, Venom) that have not been available for us to grab, so if you don’t see reviews of them on Pop Break, chances are we didn’t find them at our local shops. We will continue to have reviews of Blood Hunt and Blood Hunters mixed in with a few other individual titles that we really love. The rest will end up in round-ups like these. Enjoy!

Black Panther Blood Hunt #1
Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

Black Panther Blood Hunt #1: This is one of the most complex issues within the Blood Hunt story so far. T’Challa was dispatched by Blade in Blood Hunt #2 to acquire “his prize.” We find the former King of Wakanda back home where is he is struggling to balance his bloodlust with his love for his people and his country. Throughout the issue he’s battling his inner demon as well as an astral project of his new master, Blade. Concurrently, he has to leap into action to defend Wakandans from members of The Brood (not the WWE faction) and vampires. Shuri finds and confronts her brother — all which leads to more inner turmoil for the beleaguered former king.

This is definitely the most dramatic of Blood Hunt stories. And that’s meant to be positive. The story of T’Challa has the potential for a huge pay off. However, there’s a lot of “up-in-the-airness” in the issue. We don’t know what the “prize” is, there’s a lot of muddiness around Shuri and T’Challa’s intentions and actions, and it feels like it’ll play better once the Blood Hunt run for Black Panther is complete. A solid read nonetheless.

Union Jack the Ripper Blood Hunt #1
Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

Union Jack the Ripper Blood Hunt #1: Union Jack getting his own individualized run within this event series is not one you would’ve expected. Yet, he’s also the perfect character to a very “Hard R” story in this event series.

In the issue, Union Jack saves a small group of survivors, including a crack shot police officer, from the overwhelming heard of vampires that are savaging the UK. At his safe house they find he’s got a pretty big secret in his basement — which leads to a few shocking revelations about his squad The Union and earns the distrust of his new found charges.

If you want blood, this issue has got it. It holds nothing back in regards to violence — making it much, much different than everything else we’ve seen in this event series. Overall, another solid entry into the event, but given this writer’s lack of knowledge on Union Jack, it’ll take a little big more to get into the series fully.

Strange Academy Blood Hunt #1
Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

Strange Academy Blood Hunt #1: This is a fun, hangout issue of the event series, and would’ve easily been this writer’s favorite title back in his younger days. Strange Academy is essentially Dr. Strange’s version of Charles Xavier’s school — except with the magic wielding heroes of Marvel teaching the younger generation.

The team is comprised of Doyle Dormammu, Shaylee, Toth, German and Zoe and they’re on a class trip in New Orleans when all hell breaks loose, literally and figuratively, of course.

The issue is a nice introduction to these new character for readers who are hooked on the Blood Hunt series but are a bit unfamiliar with the team (i.e. this writer). All the characters are highlighted to show off their personalities and powers, and we get a bit of a look into the school itself (including an extended appearance from Doctor Voodoo). This is easily the most fun for-most-ages of the Blood Hunt series, and one you’d like to spend the most time with.

Midnight Suns Blood Hunt #1
Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

Midnight Sons Blood Hunt #1: Much like Black Panther, the first installment of The Midnight Sons Blood Hunt arc feels like it’ll work better in a collected trade paperback than as an individual episode.

It is important to note that the original Midnights — Danny Ketch, Johnny Blaze, and Victoria Montesi — reunite in order to confront (read: kill) Blade, who they learn is behind the Blood Hunt event.

The opening scenes with Blade is absolutely tremendous, the Ketch/Blaze dynamic is intriguing as is Montesi’s special “gift.” These are all good individual pieces of the story, they just haven’t congealed into one compelling story just yet.

If this Midnight Sons reunion is lost on you, then this issue feels very much like a prologue than a kick-off, and given the historic reunion you hope this run gets better, but right now this is one of the least interesting of the books.

Photo Credit: Marvel Comics

Avengers #14: This tie-in issue of The Avengers is definitely one of the most fun, traditional comic book ‘villain of the day’ type of issues.

An Avengers team consisting of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Vision and Thor were some of the first heroes on the scene to battle the vampire invasion.

As we saw in the first issue of the series, Thor, Scarlet Witch and obviously Black Panther have all been sidelined — with Black Panther being turned in the second issue.

In Avengers #14 Captain America puts out a distress call to any Avengers alive and around to “step up” and join the fight. This leads to Hercules, Kate Bishop/Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Hazmat answering his call and doing what they do best — kicking serious ass. And that’s pretty much the issue, until a certain longtime, but not exactly mainstream Marvel villain makes an appearance and things go sideways.

This issue description sounds very ho-hum, however this issue is way more than a brawler. It’s actually an issue where Captain America really lays the stakes of this entire event out. He talks about his fear for the people of the world, his team, and he acknowledges this might be it for himself. Yet, he and the Avengers are soldiers and they need to fight and protect. There was something refreshing about this take — heroes being heroes. It probably only works if Captain America utter these lines as it coming from anyone else would feel a bit hollow. This is the sleeper issue of the series so far.

Black Panther, Midnight Sons, Avengers, Strange Academy, and Union Jack Blood Hunt titles are available at your local comic book store.

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