Album Review: Rancid


Honor is All We Know is a solid Rancid record. If you like ska-punk with rough vocals, this album is worth a listen, just don’t go looking for deep meaningful lyrics.

Most of Honor is All We Know sounds like …And out Come the Wolves-era Rancid. “Honor Is All We Know” and “Now We’re Through with You” could easily have been on that album. However, there’s “In the Streets,” which has lyrics that sound like a bad rehash of the concept in “Time Bomb.”


Occasionally, Rancid switches it up. While the results are still good, they end up sounding like a ska-punk version of the Dropkick Murphys or an anarchist Dance Hall Crashers. The Dropkick Murphys could easily perform “Back Where I Belong” and “Already Dead.” All they would need to do is swap the ska elements of those songs for their Celtic influences.

As for the lyrics, they are very repetitive and shouldn’t be given an in-depth analysis. “Raise Your Fists” could be a rallying call. Instead, it’s empty. “Raise your fists against the power, the oppressive power that exists” sounds like it came from an angry high school student’s diary. “Face Up” is about drinking too much. You would think a group of adults would have insight into that feeling, but “just another day getting into trouble” and “I’m looking to wake up face up” are not creative and a little sad.

Rancid fans will be pleased that this album is much better than Let the Dominoes Fall. Honor is All We Know is similar to …And Out Come the Wolves, but the latter is better. In punk rock, age works against you. When you and your band mates are pushing 50, it’s time to change things up.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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