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Trends on Trials: That ’70s Style

molly and colleen hurford explore how ’70s fashion is coming back to the mainstream …

It seems to us that the fashions of different decades are constantly coming back into fashion. We’ve made claims about the ’90s (that we still stand by), but there are certainly other decades that are making a splash on the runways this Spring as well. Right now, it seems that the ’70s are back in a big way. And we do mean every aspect of the ’70s: Everything from boho to disco has shown up on runways lately. While we haven’t seen this look (other than the obvious boho) really translate into standard daywear for the average woman yet, it’s only a matter of time.

One of the major fashion trend changes that’s happening thanks to this widespread case of Disco Fever is that wide leg trousers have taken over for skinny jeans and bright colors have taken the place of muted shades and black and white. Exciting as this might be, for those of us who rely on a neutral palate and enjoyed skinny jeans for the ability to ride a bike without fear of catching fabric in the chain, this is one fashion trend we’ll be skipping. Not to mention, while on the runway and in magazines, wide leg jeans make the models look super tall and super thin, let’s be realistic: They were already super tall and super thin. For the rest of us, wide leg pants have the ability, if not worn properly, to add bulk, or just plain make us look short.

For those of you who are thrilled that the skinny jean can finally be pushed to the back of the closet or cutoff into shorts, enjoy the wide leg jeans! Just bear in mind that the models in magazines and runways tend to work the wide leg with a slim fit top and very high heels. If you’re going wide leg, make sure to elongate the leg as much as possible, either by adding a heel or at least by making sure that the pant is appropriately hemmed. This look looses its classy edge and dives right into “messy” territory if cuffs are dragging and getting mangled from being stepped on all day. That look that’s so elegant and has so much star quality can quickly transform into “60-year-old who hasn’t updated her wardrobe since first purchasing the entire polyester collection in a size too big back in 1980” if you’re not careful. And, as previously stated, pair wide legs with a slim fit shirt, not a baggy sweater or boxy jacket. As for bold colors, if you’re not ready to commit to orange trousers, consider adding in bright jewelry (check thrift shops for actual throwbacks to the ’70s), or just a bright top under a jacket. If you’re not a big fan of bright colors, there’s no need to invest in a whole new wardrobe to get this look.

While we may not love wide leg trousers, we do love dresses. Long or short, there’s always a flattering style of dress that can work for any body type. So we were thrilled that also back in style are long peasant dresses, as well as calf length disco dresses. These days, it seems that every color and/or fabric that would have once been worn to a disco can now be worn to parties and out and about everyday. This is your chance to spring for the sequins minidress and feel completely justified in wearing it, which is something that we’ve been waiting for a very long time. For short girls rocking dresses or wide leg pants, rejoice! With the ’70s comes the sky high heels that the disco trend included. Not great with stilettos? Doesn’t matter! Wedges were huge in the ’70s, so enjoy these easier to walk in heels and rock a pair of cork platform wedges, bonus points if they’re in a bright color.

The final aspect of the ’70s that is back that we can get very on board with (surprise, surprise) is the boho trend. This is one trend that has been in for years, but this season, it’s back in a very big way. Think more Flower Power than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’ incarnation of the boho look a few years ago though. It’s all very Janis Joplin, who we know died in 1970, but for whatever reason, we associate her with the ’70s just as much as we do with the ’60s. Maybe it’s because we weren’t around then. Whatever the reason, we are totally happy that this fashion is back in because that means getting to wear comfy, flowy long dresses and loading up on jewelry and crochet accessories. While this trend may not be practical for daily life if you’re in the corporate world, it’s a great beach look. Rock a crochet top over a bikini and you’re in business, or keep a flowing dress on hand to throw over a bathing suit to hit the boardwalk. [We know it’s still April, a.) we’re dreaming of summer, and b.) it’s swimsuit shopping season, and cover-ups are an integral part of the swimsuit buying experience.]

In summation, at the end of the day, our opinion on the ’70s trend is that we love hippies and tolerate disco. We also feel like there’s a reason that this trend has been seen primarily on runways and in magazines, and that’s because it isn’t a trend that is designed to be particularly flattering to every shape, so with that, we extend a word of caution. Tread softly, and don’t let Disco Fever get the best of you and your judgment.

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