TV Photo Recap: Teen Wolf, Mid-Season Premiere


I want you readers to know that I never intended to watch Teen Wolf. MTV did not exactly have the best track record when it comes to original content in recent years, and so I shrugged it off as a piece of crap with hot people in it. Then I saw this Buzzfeed article, and I fell in love with Dylan O’Brien. HARD. SO HARD YOU GUYS. I even went to see that crapfest of a movie The Internship just to see him and sat through the whole thing. That is saying a LOT. So naturally I had to start watching Teen Wolf to feed my love of Dylan O’Brien or I would have dropped dead from a lack of oxygen (because he is my breath? I don’t even know. Let’s just move on, okay?).

What I found is that MTV is actually doing some really good stuff these days (since becoming obsessed with Teen Wolf, I’ve also become obsessed with Awkward. and you should, too.).  Much like the hidden gems of the CW,  Teen Wolf is not just a show about hot aliens. It’s interesting, well-written, suspenseful, fun, with ridiculously well-developed characters (and hot people playing them who are actually incredible actors!). And my favorite thing for a TV show: IT IS NOT AFRAID TO CHANGE. Much like my favorite CW diamond The Vampire Diaries, and Chuck back in its hayday, so many things happen in every episode of Teen Wolf that everything you know about the show is different by the time the episode is over. You never know where the show is going, and yet everything that happens makes sense and naturally progresses the plot. That is so difficult to accomplish, and so so so difficult to do well.

And then just on top of all of that, the show is artsy as hell. It has some of the best cinematography I’ve ever seen on a TV show, which you so do not expect from MTV. I mean, just look at this, will you?? LOOK AT IT.

Anyway. The beginning of season 3 was the best season yet. And when it ended in the summer, I was so completely devastated. Until they revealed that they were EXTENDING the season and come January there would be a second half. DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT MADE ME FEEL???

So basically since then I’ve just been counting the days until it would return to my TV screen, and all other aspects of life have been meaningless. This episode was so everything I was hoping for. It’s this weird after-storm kind of calm period, where the aftermath of what happened at the end of the first half of the season is still screwing stuff up. CONSEQUENCES. I love it. Because of the spell-trance-thingy Scott, Stiles, and Alison did to save the day back in August, they’re all hallucinating evil stuff. Basically throughout the episode all three of them walk the line between reality and dream land, and often don’t know which one they’re in. Personally, I have a thing about dream sequences. They are hard to pull off. They have to feel absolutely real in the moment (how often do you know you’re dreaming when you’re dreaming? You don’t! You accept weird things as if they’re perfectly normal and when you wake up you’re like ….wait, really?), while having a lot of weird stuff happening that doesn’t make sense. There were some places where this episode of Teen Wolf accomplished that, and some places where it didn’t. Okay, I will stop talking about it now and just show you through my photo-recap. You’re welcome.


The episode started off with poor Stiles (but like a-seriously, how sexy is he?) stuck having dream within dream within dream within dream. I was SO excited when he woke up from the second dream to Lydia caring for him – their kiss last season was one of the most electric things I’ve ever seen – but even in my excitement I knew it had to be another dream. Cue creepy creaking door that Stiles felt weirdly drawn to, despite Lydia’s desperate pleas for him not to walk through it.



Stiles finally woke up and was in the midst of telling Scott how dream paralysis works and how he’s not even sure if this is real life when BOOM. He woke up again. This time, screaming bloody murder. Those are like the worst dreams, right? First of all, dreams within dreams are always a little daunting, and Stiles is now up to 4. But when you have a crazy series of horrifying nightmares, you don’t even feel like you got any sleep. You feel like you’ve been running for your life all night. Hopefully this time being awake will stick!



Oh man, this was my favorite running joke and offered some intensely good comedic timing from these two and Scott’s mom. Isaac was nervous that Scott would be angry to find out that Isaac and Allison kind of had a connection (obviously Scott is blind because the chemistry between Allison and Isaac is practically its own character). Scott pushed Isaac against the wall with super human strength, then Scott’s mom was like “You guys and your supernatural abilities! Golly gee! The house isn’t supernatural! Quit that!” It was so cute.


Now it was Allison’s turn to dream, although she was having an actual waking nightmare. We saw little signs of this earlier: Stiles went dyslexic and Scott’s shadow appeared as a wolf, but Allison’s was a full on hallucination of her dead Aunt haunting her. Can I say something off topic for a second, though? …Did I forget some big detail or something that Allison moved? She came down an elevator at the beginning of this scene. Houses don’t have elevators! What was that about?? Part of the hallucination or what?

Anyway by the time it ended she had somehow made her way to school. That’s how ya know things are really wrong.


NBD, just becoming a werewolf in the middle of the school hallway and I can’t stop it. Scott seems to think that becoming the Alpha is what’s causing his issues with controlling his wolf state, but I’m pretttttty sure it’s the same thing that’s causing all the other weird hallucinations and stuff. Allison also mentioned that it’s been a few weeks since that night. Which is CRAZY. What happened in all that time? Obviously Allison moved somewhere that has an elevator. But I guess besides that, things have mostly been normal? And just now these hallucinations are starting to get worse and that’s why we’re resuming weeks later.

At any rate, Scott had to dig his claws into his own hands to stop himself from becoming a wolf and it was super gruesome. So I captured it in a picture for you. Pain makes you human! You’re welcome!


So Allison almost killed Lydia because she was in a dream world where her dead Aunt was coming at her. Cool stuff. Man, Allison is so bad ass. When she’s not accidentally killing her friends. Luckily Isaac was just….. lurking and happened to be able to catch the arrow before it pierced Lydia’s face. Which is GREAT. Because she has such a nice face!

2014-01-07 16_05_19

Meet Scott’s new love interest, Kira. Or as I like to call her, the Asian Allison. I mean… look at those eyes. She kind of looks like Allison before Allison got an amazing haircut, right? Especially the eyes. But Asian, of course.

Well Asian Allison basically eavesdropped on their supernatural conversation about how they’re all going crazy, and I guess thought they were talking in hypotheticals. They were not. They’re really all going crazy. And she told them that they’re at a stage between life and death and soon they will die. It put a distinct damper on their school lunch.

P.S. ALSO DEMONS ARE REAL. I mean clearly. I love on supernatural shows when people accept that werewolves and kanimas are real and then they’re like “What?? Other supernatural things exist too???? NOOOO.” Except what was really cool about this show is they all just kind of went “Oh. Demons. Okay, sure!” and moved on.


Allison dreampt that she had a knife in her pocket and she was about to stab Isaac with it (right in the middle of sexy fun time, none the less!), but then she woke up and she ACTUALLY had a knife in her pocket. It was just a really haunting moment so I wanted to share it with you.



Derek and Peter who were mysteriously missing all episode were found in the last minute of the episode being tortured by someone unknown. Intrigue!

This episode was full of so much crazy set up. I really love that we’ve skipped a few weeks, because there is stuff that happened in the middle that just has not been explained yet. The dream-crazy stuff is a serious problem for our three leads and I’m really excited to see how they figure out a solution. It looks like the twins might be out of the picture, too so maybe Lydia will actually get with Stiles finally.

I’ve read a lot about this coming story arc that says the first half of the season will look weak in comparison, which is really saying a lot. The first half of season 3 was some of the most mind-blowing suspenseful material to have ever graced my TV screen and it’s honestly crazy that they’re even attempting to top it. I for one cannot wait for next week! Partly because the show is really good, and partly because I need to watch Dylan O’Brien to be able to breath, of course!

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