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Top 5 Over the Hill Action Stars

Written by Matt Kelly


The 80’s were a golden age for action movies. We got classics like Terminator, Predator, Die Hard, Rambo and so many others. Fortunately for us in 2015, many of the stars that gave us those classics are going through a sort of renaissance and nothing (besides the word Marvel) seems to make an action movie a hit like one of those stars. Sure, some critics might say that it is embarrassing to see all of these old men running around trying to relive the glory days. But who needs those critics? We are lucky to have such masters of the craft sticking around to give us new classics while showing the young kids how it’s done. Considering Taken 3 comes out this weekend, I have created my list of the

Top 5 Over the Hill Action Stars

(for those of you who don’t know, over the hill means over 40)

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Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly
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