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Top 5 Over the Hill Action Stars

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger


The great thing about Arnold is that he did stop acting for a while. He spent some time being governor of the eighth largest economy in the world. He had an embarrassing public affair. While that was going on, his franchises (Terminator, Predator) went and dried up and he seemed to have moved on. But it was never in his nature to move on. He would be back.

At the ripe old age of 67 Arnold is still going strong. Following an excellent return to form in the Expendables series, Arnold has a really exciting future to look forward to. He is reprising his role/roles in this summer’s Terminator: Genesys as well as rebooting his Conan franchise sometime in the next few years. It seems like Arnold has been really successful because in films like Escape Plan for instance, he has embraced what older fans loved about him as well as what younger fans expect from him. It is no coincidence that he gets a chance to tell his partner to “Get in the chopper” multiple times. Couple that exceptional self-awareness with his willingness to participate in social networks like reddit as GovSchwarzenegger and you get the feeling that Arnold is only going to get more fun as time goes on.

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Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly
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