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Top 5 Over the Hill Action Stars

5. Liam Neeson


People forget that Liam Neeson had what could be considered a full career before Taken and it was a VERY different career. In fact, you can tell a lot about someone by which iconic role they think of when they think Liam Neeson. If you ask people under the age of 35, they will most identify him as father of the year/travel unenthusiast, Bryan Mills from Taken. If you ask someone over 35, they will almost certainly identify him as Oskar Schindler, hero of the Academy Award winning Schindler’s List. That’s the thing about Liam Neeson. In the 90’s he was an occasional action hero but for every movie cover where we was holding a gun, there were five where he was about to kiss a girl.

Then Taken happened. Well, then Star Wars happened. Liam Neeson became THE wise Hollywood master swordsman. In 1999, he taught Ewan McGregor how to swordfight. In 2004 he “swordfaught” with Orlando Bloom. In 2005 he trained Christian Bale in, among other things, the art of swordfighting. Then he went on to kick everyone’s ass as one form of retired CIA agent or another and he is 62-years-old! He also is willing to make fun of himself as evidenced by his appearance in movies like The Lego Movie and shows like Life’s Too Short, which the list will show is a crucial trait to staying active and likeable in Hollywood. Don’t expect any curmudgeons like Bruce Willis on this list. The best over the hill action stars need to have some sense of humor.

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Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly
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