Teen Wolf’s Melissa Ponzio on Saying Goodbye to the Fans, the Series Finale & Sweet Moments with Scott

One of the MTV’s most popular scripted series, Teen Wolf, is coming to a thrilling conclusion this summer.

The series, which premiered in 2011, is loosely based on the 1985 horror comedy starring Michael J. Fox (Jason Bateman starred in the sequel). The series follows a teenage named Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey), who (like in the movie) is bitten by a werewolf. Once bitten he must cope with how his new found life as werewolf impacts the people he loves, and his status as a teenager.

Unlike the Michael J. Fox film, however, the consequences here are much dire than funny. The series is filled with high octane action, macabre violence, and the dramatic trappings of high school.

At San Diego International Comic Con 2017, the Pop Break spoke with the entire cast of the series about its final season, which runs this summer.

Our first interview was with Melissa Ponzio, who portrays Scott McMcall’s mother, Melissa McCall. The role was a recurring one for the first five seasons, and is a mainstay character for the final season. According to Wikipedia, “Scott’s mother, a local nurse, becomes an invaluable ally of the gang once brought in on their secret, concealing unexplained supernatural occurrences and saving the lives of Scott and his pack members many times over.”

Ponzio is a veteran actress who has recurring roles on NBC’s Chicago Fire, Lifetime’s Army Wives, and guest spots on Dawson’s Creek, CSI, and The Vampires Diaries amongst many other television credits.

In our interview Ponzio discusses the show’s finale, saying good bye to the legion of Teen Wolf fans, and will Scott and Melissa McCall share any sweet moments this season?

Catch Melissa Ponzio as Mrs. McCall every Sunday night on Teen Wolf on MTV.

Video Editing by Erin Mathis, Interview by Ryan DeMarco, and Alfred Mannarino.

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