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Review: AHS: Cult – Episode 8: Winter of Our Discontent

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Here we are at Episode 8, as Kai slowly steps into Nazi territory. He has now gotten approval from the City Council to have HIS armed guards patrolling the streets and “protecting” people. It is hinted that he is still threatening the other members of the board when he talks to Councilman Perry about his vote against the guards and details where he lives, his two daughters and their means of getting to school (I mean, it’s Kai so there’s a 90% chance that’s what’s happening anyway). Beverly and Ivy seem to be the only ones seeing the writing on the wall as Winter continues to deny that Kai would hurt her and claiming its all part of his plan. Oh, she was so, so very wrong. A lot happens in this slightly longer than usual episode, so bear with me as I recap and judge.

Even with her flashback of how Kai “saved her”, sure, you see that he was once a decent guy and a good brother…Kind of. But I mean, he was the reason they went to the creepy killer farmhouse in the first place. And yeah, the Pastor (as he calls himself) had it coming, he was torturing those he deemed sinners. He also did threaten Winter and Kai knocked him out, but its not like he came to her rescue and they had some intense brawl. Winter said Kai saved her life, but did he? The Pastor didn’t have a gun or a knife to her, she was seconds away from kneeing him in the balls and running out the door to get the police.

All Kai did was show up at the right moment to hit him on the head and knock him out…and then murder him in his own murder house (ha, season 1 humor) in front of the people they saved. And for some reason, killing that man sent him over the edge. Over the edge so far that he thinks if he has sex with Samuel while Samuel has sex with Winter, they will birth a Messiah. Which doesn’t work because Samuel is gay….he’s not attracted to women, Kai…unless he’s choking them to death, I guess? How the hell did this man become chief of police? Doesn’t matter I suppose since he tries to rape Winter later and she shoots him.

We also get confirmation in this episode that big brother, Dr, Vincent, did not know about the cult. He actually felt like Kai getting shot was his fault since Ally had brought Meadow to talk to him and Meadow left his office to shoot Kai. As Kai says, “you feel guilty your patient colluded to kill me”. And he does! Of course he does. Because Dr. Vincent is an actual, good goddamn brother. As it turns out, he’s also a good psychiatrist who did NOT give out patient info. Kai stole it. I mean, he probably had spare keys to his office, we all give spare keys to people we trust for “just in case” circumstances, why wouldn’t he trust his brother? Well, now he knows why. He tries to apologize to Ally, he even shows her an adorable family photo.

Ally, fresh out of the psych hospital, and in classic Ally fashion, flips out and yells at him. She blames him for everything because he didn’t listen. Um. What? Your wife LITERALLY ALLOWED KILLER CLOWN CULT MEMBERS IN TO YOUR HOUSE. But it’s all Dr. Vincent’s fault. Ok. Sure. I guess you can say she became stronger and more deadly in this episode, but ultimately she really didn’t. I’m sorry but if it was my job to treat someone with a phobia of clowns and their wife, child, babysitter, EVERYONE around them told me that they weren’t seeing the clowns, why would you freaking believe the diagnosed crazy person? You wouldn’t. He was doing his job. And he was going to try his best to make up for it. Only now he can’t because Ally decided to sell him out to Kai and “join” the cult so Kai killed him. Why? Because Ally is a terrible person. You got the ONE person left that was actually going to help you killed. She’s selfish, she’s manipulative, and maybe Ivy had a hand in killing some people, but Ally is still so much worse of a person. Not to mention, Kai promised to help Ivy get rid of Ally and get custody of her son, and now he let her join the cult…so…now what?

Finally, we have Beverly. The true female star of the show in my opinion. Well, her and Ivy. But mostly Beverly because she is the only one who truly is not afraid of Kai and will stick to her ideals. No one knows Winter killed Samuel, but she pins it on Beverly. Which she denies but also will not apologize for speaking out against Kai. Her life is spared and she is sent to isolation…but I don’t see Beverly staying there for long. She’ll be back for you, Kai.

This episode was much more solid than last week’s and hopefully American Horror Story will continue to pick up steam all the way to the end. I have to say Rest in Piece to Dr. Vincent, you were actually a good dude and you didn’t deserve to die. That’s American Horror Story for you though, the good ones always die.


Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
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