Thank Satan It’s Friday: Flute Solo

It’s the week of bands coming back to life! The Faceless has announced its first new album in five years with a new song, Watain did the same and shirked all its previous progressive tendencies, Godflesh continues its comeback with some new material, and Autopsy throws is back to the thrash days!

Oh, and the flute solo is toward the end of the new The Faceless track. You’re welcome.

The Faceless – “Digging The Grave”

After five years and a few singles scattered about here and there, it’s time for a new The Faceless album. The Faceless will release In Becoming A Ghost on December 1 and has promptly shocked its fans with the orchestral black metal evils of “Digging The Grave.” I also feel obligated to mention that “Digging The Grave” includes a flute solo toward the end, which is not only oddly fitting, but I really can’t imagine that solo section going any other way.

Pre-order In Becoming A Ghost here.

Watain – “Nuclear Alchemy”

Watain is back after nearly five years of silence and appears to have abandoned all sounds that are not the purest strains of black metal. One look at the tracklist for Watain‘s upcoming album Trident Wolf Eclipse and you’ll nice that it’s eight tracks, all of which are under fives long. Gone are the days of The Wild Hunt I suppose, but the new song “Nuclear Alchemy” should make fans of any era of Watain pretty stoked on the new stuff.

It’s not all blasting and insanity, but “Nuclear Alchemy” certainly isn’t bringing out the acoustic guitars and ambient bits either. Trident Wolf Eclipse is probably going to rule, and comes out on January 5.

Cannibal Corpse – “Scavenger Consuming Death”

Let “Scavenger Consuming Death” be a reminder that bassist Alex Webster has, and forever will, a ridiculously good bass tone. Cannibal Corpse has been at its craft since 1990 and still seem like they’re trying to prove to everyone they’re the undisputed kings of modern death metal with their new album Red Before Black. “Scavenger Consuming Death” is twenty tons of aural destruction that only Cannibal Corpse can bring to you at this point, plain and simple.

Red Before Black is out today.

Autopsy – “Puncturing The Grotesque”

Autopsy has been around for 30 years and has pretty much always brought varying forms of disgusting death metal to the table. Which is why the band’s new song “Puncturing The Grotesque” is such a surprise – it’s basically straight up old-school Bay Area thrash worship. Which isn’t a complaint! I think it’s awesome that 30 years in Autopsy can change it up and nail it, though that’s also exactly why it’s pretty shocking.

Autopsy will release an EP of the same name come December 15.

Converge – “A Single Tear”

Alright, so is Converge‘s coming album The Dusk In Us going to have any bad songs on it? We’re four singles deep into this thing at this point, and every single song thus far has been on repeat for a few hours for me. “A Single Tear” is the album’s opener it covers quite a bit of ground. From “Dark Horse”-ish riffs at the start to crushingly trudging riffs in the middle, the marriage of all the themes at the end, “A Single Tear” is another banger in a line of seemingly endless bangers.

You’d be stupid not to order The Dusk In Us here, as it’s out today.

Godflesh – “Post Self”

Godflesh‘s coming album Post-Self sees the band “move away from metal and experiment with industrial and post-punk sounds, exploring what inspired them in the first place.” The title track doesn’t exactly back that sentiment up, but I’m also never going to complain when there’s new Godflesh music to listen to.

“Post-Self” dives in fairly ambient territory at points, though by and large it’s the same hatefully angry Godflesh you’ve come to know and love over the years. Post-Self is out November 17 and you can pre-order it here.