Review: Coyotes #4

Before I dive into this issue, I have to warn you there are spoilers from Issue #3 in this review. In the last issue we learned that there are mysterious women that live in the middle of the desert. They are fierce magical woman and are called the Daughters of Gaia. Red and Coffey were led to Abuela’s home after looking for the creator of dolls of the dead. And, she found a doll of her dead sister.

Another insane reveal from the last issue was that a weapons builder had his hands on one of the original ancient werewolf’s. And, that’s how the coyotes are being created. Aldin used science to create more pelts for men to wear and the pelts enable them to transform into the disgusting beasts.  The ancient wolf is named Seff, and he’s been used as Rothschild and Sampson’s lab rat for years.

The Daughters of Gaia and Duchess formulated a plan to use Coffey as bait and infiltrated the weapons factory. While Coffey convinced the men that he is a willing test subject Red and Eyepatch were kicking ass and killing as many coyotes as they could. Duchess and the Daughters of Gaia are arguing at the site where Seff was. Someone let Seff, the ancient one, free.

The ladies are questioning Duchess’ decisions and giving her shit for things she has done. But, Duchess reminds them she only trains “the baddest” and is a “vicious bitch” herself. Duchess is not a woman that takes kindly to being questioned. She uses brute force and her words when she needs to. That seems to get them all on the same page again.

Inside the facility the girls are dropping fast. There are just too many coyotes. Duchess and the Abuela’s arrive as back-up while Coffey and Red fight onward. There’s a lot of blood, bodies from both sides, and men suffering. I don’t want to spoil all the small details here. But, if you haven’t been paying attention, you’ll come to learn precisely why the coyotes all had it coming. You’ll have to pick this issue up to learn the exciting conclusion to Coyotes Vol. 1.

This creative team has worked together to flawlessly tell one hell of a story. Weaponizing an ancient myth and using a fairy tale as a basis to story? Brilliant. So many things came together to make this story amazing: Mythology, fairy tales, goddesses, strong women, corrupt men, and at the root of it all love. Red carried out all this training with nothing but love for her dead sister and mother. All the characters fought for lost loved ones. And, a lot of different types of mythology came together to bring this tale to life.

Rating: 9/10

Coyotes #4 is currently available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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