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Comic Review: Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1 is published by BOOM! Studios under their Archaia imprint. It is written by Nicole Andelfinger with art by Matias Basla, colors Miquel Muerto, and story by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews.

I wonder what Jim Henson would think if he could see what The Dark Crystal has expanded in to. I wonder if he thought that 30 years later, it would turn into something so vast, that is would take on so many forms and spread its magic to so many lives. Perhaps he can see it, perhaps he can’t, but either way we are thankful for his creation and every iteration, be it sequel, prequel, or side story, has been absolutely fantastical. To name a few: in 2017, a sequel comic series, The Power of the Dark Crystal debuted, another sequel to that series titled, Beneath the Dark Crystal, debuted in 2018, and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance season one debuted in August 2019 and is currently streaming on Netflix (you can check out my review here).

Now we have another new comic series that’s a prequel to The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Netflix series, titled the same name. The comic series takes place before Rian is even born and centers more on his father, Ordon, and the other older Gelfling whom we saw in the Netflix series. We even see new characters, such as Rian’s mother, Shoni, who I’m the most curious about since she isn’t in the TV show. We know from the show that Ordon is a superior warrior and well respected among the Gelfling, but we don’t know how he came to be this legend who all Gelfling know the name of. I for one, am incredibly excited to see him kick some mythical creature butt.

The very first page of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1 tells us what the threat is: a horde of Arathim chasing a Gelfling, clearly intent on killing him. Meanwhile, Ordon is training new recruits when SkekVar drops him a visit to make him an offer: to join the palace guard as its new captain. It is through their conversation we can see how the Skeksis were able to convince the Gelfling of their supposed kindness and support. This is also before the Skeksis start draining creatures of their Essence so things haven’t started to go to complete chaos yet. They’re still abusing their power by draining the Crystal and slowly spreading the Darkening – but it’s not as noticeable yet. Honestly, if you didn’t know the Skeksis were evil, Ordon’s interaction with SkekVar probably wouldn’t even seem ominous. In fact, SkekVar seems like he’s actually going to do something about the Poison Spitter attacks and assist with the Arathim. Yet it’s almost certain the Skeksis are the reason these creatures are becoming so murderous, intentionally or not.

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Nicole Andelfinger clearly has a good grasp on this world and who these characters are, and Matias Basla’s art is just perfect for Jim Henson’s world. I’m really excited to learn even more about Thra’s history and Ordon and Fara’s part in it, in particular.


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Rachel Freeman
Rachel Freeman
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