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The Bachelor Season 24 Finale Part 2 Review: An Engagement, A Break-Up, A Return

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The Bachelor Season 24 Finale Part 2 started off with Peter clearly lying to himself about how much he was in love with Hannah Ann. “I’m choosing Hannah Ann because I’m 100% sure” and also, you know, because she was the only woman left. Peter face-timed with Hannah Ann’s father and asked for his blessing to propose to his daughter, which he received. 

Peter was waiting at the area where he would propose to Hannah Ann. Chris Harrison approached him and told him that he wasn’t sure if Hannah Ann was coming. That fact caused Peter to start hyperventilating. Shortly after, they showed Peter laying on a bed next to his producer mentioning that he almost passed out. Chris Harrison then told Peter that Hannah Ann actually was heading to the proposal. It almost seemed like they staged that scene just to get the reaction shots of Peter freaking out. 

Hannah Ann walked up to Peter, who started weeping with joy. Right before he proposed, he told her that Madison left two days ago and then immediately proposed. I’m not sure why he decided to tell her that Madison left. I think all it would do is make her feel like his last choice, like he had no other option but to choose her. 

Peter said, “My heart chooses you forever” which was just a funny proposal line, and he got down on one knee and proposed to Hannah Ann. She was so excited, and the season looked like it was wrapped up with a neat little bow. 

Peter met with his parents and his mother was sobbing because she missed him so much. He told them that he was engaged to Hannah Ann which made his mother start sobbing so much. They were SO happy and SO excited to hear the news. They even decided to Facetime with Hannah Ann and Barbara was so excited to speak with “her daughter.” 

Hannah Ann visited Peter in LA and apparently it had been a month since they had last seen each other. Peter admitted that he loved her and there was no doubt in that, but he was still struggling. Hannah Ann said that when she said yes to him, she said yes to a partnership and working things out together, but what they had wasn’t a relationship. She said it had to be 50/50. He said he never intended to give his heart to two people. All she ever asked for was someone to give her their whole heart.

“You took away from me my first engagement. Because I had faith in you. Because I trusted you.” Hannah Ann then went from being sad to being pissed. She got mad at him for taking that moment away from her. She said she needed someone who’s going to be true to their words. “You’ve done enough damage” and she handed the ring back to him. I’m happy that she stood up to him. I’m happy that she told him off for what he put her through. If he didn’t have strong feelings for her, he shouldn’t have proposed to her. She got into the limo and turned him away from saying goodbye.

Back on the live set, Hannah Ann went on stage with Chris Harrison. Hannah Ann continued to rip into Peter so hard that Peter’s mom was on Hannah Ann’s side. While Hannah Ann explained why she felt blindsided during the proposal, Peter attempted to man-splain why he wasn’t wrong. She stood her ground that if he didn’t blindside her, she would have probably done things differently. Peter told her that everything was right and just apologized for her. 

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Chris Harrison gave Hannah Ann a minute to say last words, and she ripped into him. She said, “If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.” DAAAAAAAMMNNNNNNNN He’s going to need some ALOE FOR THAT BURN!

Meanwhile, in Auburn Alabama, Chris Harrison met with Madison. He asked how Madison was doing after leaving Australia. Chris Harrison asked if she regretted what she did, and she agreed. Chris Harrison told Madison that Peter got engaged, and he mentioned to her that Peter ended his engagement with Hannah Ann. Chris asked what Madison was thinking right now and she admitted that she cried so much over him. Chris asked if she was in love with Peter, and she said she knew she fell in love with him, and those feelings weren’t gone, but this whole thing was a little confusing to her. Harrison dropped the bomb that Peter still had feelings for her. Chris asked what they were going to do, and Madison said “I guess we’re heading to LA.” 

Madison surprised Peter and asked if they could talk. She admitted that she had been struggling with her feelings since she left. She was hoping she would get closure, but she never did because she had so much love in her heart for him. Peter admitted to making a million and one mistakes, but he knew he fell in love with her. Madison said they couldn’t change the past. Apparently, Peter hadn’t seen Madison since that day. Chris asked if he was in love with Madison and his response was “Yeah” and Peter’s mom was NOT happy about it. 

Madison came out from the back and sat down with him. Madison admitted to being in love with Peter, which hadn’t changed since that day in Australia. Madison admitted that she needed time to process everything that Peter had told her. Chris Harrison asked how this was going to end. Peter explained that they were both really hurt through this whole process and that they needed time to heal within this process. Peter admitted that he wanted to take this relationship one day at a time. 

Chris asked Barbara how she was feeling. She admitted that she was getting a lot of love from Hannah Ann who was warm and inviting, and Madison apparently had them waiting for over three hours (while she had the long conversation with Peter outside of the house. Apparently, that was a three-hour long conversation).  

Madison had the chance to respond to what Barbara said, and she basically said that she can’t change the past, but she did everything for a reason. She said she had love and respect for Peter and therefor had love and respect for his family and that she wouldn’t say anything negative against them. I thought that was a very mature and respectful way of handling that scenario.

Chris Harrison asked Barbara what Madison would have to do get past this, and Barbara said, “Obviously he’s going to have to fail to succeed” and everyone just kind of gasped and seemed shocked that she would have the audacity to say something so unnecessarily mean. Hannah tried to take the high road, but Barbara was just being cruel. She was just being stubborn and mean. And even if Madison and Peter were to succeed as a couple, they wouldn’t be able to get past this fight. 

So The Bachelor Season 24 Finale Part 2 ended with Peter, like Hannah B., ended up not in a relationship. Maybe the reason they decided to go with an older bachelorette for next season is to avoid this kind of bullshit. But we’ll see what happens during next season.

The Bachelor Season 24 Finale Part 2 is will be streaming on Hulu and is currently on demand on your local cable system.


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