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Call Me Never as Fox’s ‘Call Me Kat’ Fails to Impress 

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Fox is the latest network to remake a British show for an American audience. This time, Miranda starring Miranda Hart (of Spy fame) is reenvisioned as Call Me Kat with Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) as Kat. Miranda debuted a decade ago and ended in 2015, if Call Me Kat accurately reflects its source material, it did not age well, as Call Me Kat relies on gimmicks and stale jokes. 

The show follows Kat, a socially awkward cat lady, who owns a cat cafe and hates fashion. In the first episode, we learn that she is single and 39, but her high school crush returned to town after 10 years of globetrotting with his French ex-girlfriend. Kat never has a plus one, so she invites Fred (Leslie Jordan, Will & Grace) to her friend’s renewal-of-vows ceremony. Everyone knows he’s not really her boyfriend because everyone knows he’s gay. Kat’s best friend Tara Barnett (Vanessa Lachey, BH90210) is mad because Fred’s plate was expensive. Kat’s mom is mad because Kat’s wedding antics embarrassed her. With a plot straight out of a ’90s sitcom and a location that’s popularity peaked five years ago, Call Me Kat feels dated without any of the nostalgic charm of shows like The Goldbergs

Additionally, Call Me Kat tries to be unique by breaking the fourth wall. However, an interesting approach becomes annoying through overuse. There are times where it feels like Kat is talking to the audience every five seconds or delivers lines meant for her cast mates to the audience instead. While the show appears to be going for an It’s Garry Shandling’s Show level of self-awareness, that’s not clear until the end when the cast waves at the audience in character. The meta “people living their lives on a soundstage as an audience watches” only works when everyone knows the conceit from the cold open. 

I cannot speak to the style, quality, or format of Miranda, but it is available on Hulu. Skip Call Me Kat and watch the original. Call Me Kat attempts to sustain limited plots and weak character development solely through Bialik’s charm and upbeat personality. The rest of the cast – Swoosie Kurtz, Kyla Prat, Cheyenne Jackson, Leslie Jordan – is well-known and respected, but find their talents are wasted on such mediocre material. 

Despite their best efforts, a great cast cannot improve a weak script. If you’re a Mayim Bialik fan, it’s worth a look, but the character isn’t that different from her The Big Bang Theory character Amy Fowler.

Call Me Kat Airs Thursday on FOX and is Streaming on Hulu and the FOX NOW app.

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