Top 10 Ridley Scott Movies

The Top 10 Ridley Scott Films Of All-Time – Curated by Daniel Cohen

Ridley Scott is one of the more fascinating directors in the history of cinema. You certainly can’t say all his movies are the same. It’s hard to imagine the same guy who directed Alien came close to directing a movie about Monopoly. Scott has certainly done his fair share of eclectic films, ranging from all sorts of genres. For me personally, I have very mixed feelings about Ridley Scott. He’s like the Eli Manning of movies. There are moments where he delivers timeless classics that will live on forever, but then he’ll crap out an absolute stink bomb that takes years to wash off (The Counselor anyone?). Thankfully, we won’t cover those today.

The other aspect of Ridley Scott that really irks me as a film fan is his propensity for Director Cuts – the version he really wanted to make. I don’t care how many people tell me the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner is the true movie. The theatrical/original cut is the movie. That’s it. Don’t give me this expanded edition crap. Part of filmmaking is making tough decisions, and battling with studio executives. The final product is the final product. There are no mulligans in this lifetime. But that’s a discussion for another day, because with Exodus: Gods and Kings among us (another Ridley film that could go either way), we are here to talk about the good Ridley. Whatever you think about the guy, he’s certainly not boring. So let’s boot up some replicants, as I present to you my Top 10 Ridley Scott Films.

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