Wrestlemania 31 Predictions Panel


The Wrestlemania Prediction Panel

Wrestlemania 31 is here and Pop-Break, once again, we’re giving our predictions. We’ve assembled a panel of our most trusted wrestling minds to give their predictions.

The Annual Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Bill Bodkin: Guaranteed this will be just as fun as the Wrestlemania II wrestlers vs. football players battle royal. I’m hoping we’ll see a couple of random cameos from wrestlers of days past involved. The Dudleys? Khalil?  (Please no.) Brooklyn Brawler? Anyways, I think this comes down to Super Ginger aka Sheamus returning and winning the whole enchilada. Of course there’s always the thought of Ryback winning, but what better way having Big Red return than with a win here, making him an automatic contender for a mid card title.

Steven Miller: This should be called the “We have to keep the underlings on the roster happy by giving them a piece of the biggest payday of the year so we’re going to throw them into this joke of a match that does nothing to enhance anyone’s career match.” This is really a set-up for a Kane/Big Show split. The winner will be Mark Henry as they launch his final run.

Jeff Parsons: Moving this to the pre-show means two things: this is likely the final time we’ll see this match, and Wrestlemania is now five hours long. Neither of those things really bugs me, although I don’t know how some of the roster gets on the WM card in the future.

Either way, I see this match coming down to Curtis Axel and Hideo Itami, with Axelmania running wild. It has a chance to be one of those fun Wrestlemania moments, especially if Hogan gets involved again (which would be a nice nod to his history with both Andre and Mr. Perfect). Long term, you’ve got a great reason to bring Itami to the main roster and work a program with Axel, which could be fun.

Kenny Pete: This match will be entertaining and a Great way to warm up the audience before the show. Rumors running wild (brother) about a certain pale skinned ginger-beard fella making his “surprise” return to the stage as a mystery entrant in this match. If that rumor proves to be true, look for The Great Irish Hype to get the win, otherwise its all Ryback, all Day.

Michael Dworkis: This match is full of former main eventers and mid-tier jobbers. Exception being Hideo Itami (KENTA) who defeated Finn Balor (Prince Devitt) in the finals of the NXT Tournament to qualify. Sadly, not a one sticks out from the pack, and as usual, this will be turned into some storyline. The only possible scenario with the current announced list is for someone, finally breaking away from the Miz and dumping the Direct-to-DVD star over the top rope to win the trophy. Unless of course someone unannounced shows up to claim the trophy. Winner: Damien SANDOW.

Jon Lister: With only 20 superstars announced, it’s going to be difficult figuring this one out. Last year, WWE did the right thing by allowing Cesaro to win. Within a few months, they went back to doing the wrong thing and bury him. We’ll just go with Ryback as the winner. Key notes to the Battle Royal, look for one, if not both of these feuds occurring. Miz v. Mizdow and/or Big Show v. Kane. Depending on how the other other matches fare tonight, either one may end up becoming a match later in the evening.

Evi Dworkis: DAMIEN MIZDOW!!!! Let’s hope he wins it and actually does something with it. He’s so hot with the crowd right now, he’s gotta win it!

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