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Top 10 Episodes From The 1992 X-Men Animated Series

3. The Dark Phoenix (Season 3, 4 Parts)

This is why people hate X-Men: The Last Stand.  While I personally love what they did with Phoenix in that film, as I felt they captured the essence of the character, I totally acknowledge it doesn’t have the epic nature that this four part masterpiece did.  After being taken over by another presence in The Phoenix Saga, Jean Grey returns from space, but isn’t herself.  She’s constantly battling the most powerful force in the universe that resides inside her, the Phoenix, a being who experiences senses for the first time, turning her into pure rage.  Not only is Jean facing her own private battle, but the X-Men refuse to give up on her, even at the cost of the entire universe.  After a cool Hellfire Club subplot, it all comes to a head when Lilandra and the Shi’ar Empire tell the X-Men, “we’re destroying her, and you better back the hell off.”  This leads to a death duel between the X-Men and Shi’ar Empire.  It all boils down to Wolverine and Cyclops though, the two men who love Jean the most.  They try like hell to kill her for the good of the universe, even at the orders of Professor X, but can’t bring themselves to do it.  It’s gripping as hell.  While it ends on a bit of a cop out, it’s an emotionally draining four episodes that leaves you completely and totally spent.

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