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Top 10 Episodes From The 1992 X-Men Animated Series

HONORABLE MENTION: Graduation Day (Season 5)

This is actually the series finale, and I felt compelled to mention it.  Sadly, the final season of the show was absolutely putrid.  The animation became really weird, and Gambit’s new voice was like listening to Wolverine scratch a chalk board.  While this last episode wasn’t all that great, it’s the last scene that really hits home.  Professor X is near death and has to be taken to space by Lilandra and the Shi’ar Empire to be cared for.  Don’t worry, we’ll talk about them later.  Professor X gives each of his X-Men some final words, and it’s some pretty powerful stuff.  It also drives home the Professor X/Magneto relationship, which has always been the strongest element to the entire X-Men world.  They are at opposite ends of the mutant debate, but their level of love and respect for one another knows no bounds.  As Magneto is about to lead his troops into battle against humanity, he stops everything to save Professor X’s life:

“How much do you love Charles Xavier?” -Jean Grey
“How dare you ask me such a question.  He was my only equal.  I owe him my life.” – Magneto

Wow.  Great stuff.  While a bad last season, it’s the final five minutes that drive home the entire series.

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