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Top 10 Episodes From The 1992 X-Men Animated Series

6. Beauty & the Beast (Season 2)

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If “A Rogue’s Tale” was the ultimate Rogue story, than this is Beast’s day in the sun.  If you aren’t moved by this episode, you have no soul.  Geez.  It’s impossible not to love Dr. Hank McCoy, especially in this series.  We’ve always seen him as the guy in control, constantly throwing out quotes like a walking Encyclopedia.  This is the episode where he truly unleashes the fury of a beast.  After discovering a procedure to cure blindness, Beasts falls in love with his patient, and she reciprocates.  While all this is going on, the Friends of Humanity, an anti-mutant group, protests the hospital where Beast works.  Being the good man that he is, Beast calmly tries to reason with the most unreasonable men on the planet.  The blind woman’s father is also anti-mutant, wanting her daughter no where near Beast, even though he discovered the cure for her ailment.  Wow.  Beast finally snaps, completely breaking down as he cries over his condition like a child.  Out of all the X-Men, Beast is unable to blend into society, yet we never see it affect him.  To seem him really unload was very powerful.  Eventually, this all leads to a conflict between the X-Men and Friends of Humanity, climaxing with Beast going on a rampage.  It’s awesome.  We also get a great Wolverine arc where he infiltrates the Friends of Humanity, and discovers a dirty little secret about their leader, Victor Creed.  Much like “A Rogue’s Tale,” it ends on a very touching note for Beast and the woman he loves.  A superb episode.

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