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Top 10 Episodes From The 1992 X-Men Animated Series

5. Days of Future Past (Season 1, 2 Parts)

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I’m sure this title looks familiar.  It’s easily one of the most honored X-Men stories there is.  Before it got the masterpiece treatment on film, it made for one hell of a two-parter.  Much like the movie did, this episode takes many liberties, but the heart of the story remains true – the future really sucks for mutants.  While we already met Cable previously, this is the episode that really introduced us to time travel, which would become a staple throughout the series.  Sentinels have taken over a dark future where mutants are either taken into camps, or killed.  With the help of an older Wolverine, Bishop is sent back to the present to prevent an assassination that should change the course of history.  Here’s the rub – one of the assassins is an X-Men!  We eventually learn it’s Gambit, but of course there’s a lot of twists and turns.  I really felt for Gambit in this episode.  Everybody treats this poor guy like crap.  Leave Gambit alone!  Aside from the storyline, it creates tension and arguments among all the X-Men on whether they should trust Gambit, or this crazy time traveler who gets on everyone’s nerves.  Bishop is an awesome character, and even though we don’t see much of him in the film Days of Future Past, he was treated pretty damn well here.  He’s both bad ass and hilarious, serving as a great point man for one of X-Men’s most quintessential story arcs.

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