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Top 10 Episodes From The 1992 X-Men Animated Series

8. Sanctuary (Season 4, 2 Parts)

Piggy backing off Magneto, this was probably one of his bigger storylines from the entire series.  Magneto finally says “To hell with it,” and creates a special base in space for mutants only called Asteroid M.  Here, mutants can live in peace, away from the cold hearted humans who hate them.  Magneto seems to think it’s the best solution for all.  I like this episode, because it really makes you think – Is Magneto righteous, or kind of pathetic for running away from humanity so mutants can live in a bubble?  This also has a deep affect on Professor X, as he looks at Magneto’s sanctuary as his ultimate failure to unite humans and mutants.  This episode also brings up a lot of skeletons for Professor X, as he meets an old flame while observing Magneto’s space base.  We also get a great heroic arc for Gambit, one of my favorite characters.  It all goes back to Magneto though.  Whether you think he’s right or wrong, his intentions are genuine.  He truly wants to be left alone, but he can’t even achieve peace for himself when little punk Cortez ruins everything by launching missiles from Asteroid M.  It’s a very sad arc for Magneto, but also a great examination of just how truly powerful he is.


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