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100 Scariest Horror Movie Moments Part 3

51. Zodiac – 2006

In the Basement

Zodiac is another one of those truly terrifying movies that most don’t realize is scary until they’re deep into it. The beginning of the film tinkers with slasher-style kills and then quickly turns into a crime drama. There’s a particular scene where Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal) is investigating a movie poster maker who claimed he was hiding the bodies “in the basement”. He visits artist Bob Vaughn who tells Graysmith that he was the one who drew the posters that match the Zodiac killer’s handwriting. If that weren’t terrifying enough, Vaughn insists he’ll find out when the suspect worked for the company and claims he can find the record in the basement. This scene is truly terrifying, one of David Fincher’s best and keeps your heart pounding for the next couple of minutes.

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