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Our Favorite TV Moms

Claire Huxtable, The Cosby Show/Lisa Landry, Sister, Sister (Tie)

Let me tell you something… Claire Huxtable is not dead and she is not irrelevant. Despite Bill going down in flames last year, Claire (Phylicia Rashad) continues to slay as a television mom on The Cosby Show. The way Mrs. Huxtable cuts her eyes at the bullshit like every great woman to walk this Earth won me over from the start. What keeps me won over is the way she tells people off when it all hits the fan.

Her street smarts matches her institutional degrees, making her great at solving issues and being resourceful. She keeps her expectations for her family high but respectfully and humorously adjusts to reality. She has a career and a supportive family in a period where that was still beginning to emerge.

If a balanced life ever perfectly existed in a television mother, it would be best exemplified in Claire Huxtable.

Lisa Landry (Jackée Harry), the 90’s mom who was fun, funnier and closer to a real mom than some of her predecessors. Lisa played Tia Landry’s adoptive mother and Tamera Campbell’s “step-mother” on Sister, Sister.

What I love about Lisa is that she was genuinely goofy, voicetress, down-to-earth and a single mother navigating a blended family. She dates, she’s an entrepreneur with her start-up boutique, she’s not afraid to make funny faces and she’s loud! She has a hearty laugh and a healthy appetite. Ray Campbell may pick on her, but Lisa always has a zinger ready for him.  Lisa is also sweet as pie until you mess with the twins, that’s when you get a roaring lioness.  –Asia Martin, Staff Writer

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