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Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development


Lucille Bluth (played primarily by Jessica Walter, but also Kristen Wiig in flashbacks) is the kind, loving, motherly matriarch of the Bluth. Despite always having a drink in her hand and an occasionally incarcerated husband, she is always there for her children and grandchildren.

Who are we kidding?

She’s a major Seaward. Her brash booziness and lack of remorse for her crimes is why we love her. The Bluth family is so messed up that we wouldn’t expect Lucille 1 to be anything less than an irresponsible distant alcoholic and a terrible mother. She’s not Claire Huxtable and wouldn’t want to be. Now, that she’s squandered the Bluth family fortune, go check for the money in the banana stand. –Allison Lips, Staff Writer

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