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Estelle Costanza, Seinfeld

Estelle Costanza may not be the best mother in the history of television, but she certainly dealt with a lot of headaches, which usually involved her stubborn husband (Frank), and an often out of work son (George).  Poor Estelle endured Frank threatening to give away a waterpik (“You’re not giving away our waterpik!”), as well as walking in on Kramer dancing with Frank while he tried on “The Bro,” or “Manzier.”


Her greatest horror though was most certainly interrupting George during some private time in the most famous Seinfeld episode of all, “The Contest.”  The poor woman even threw her back out!

“I come home and find my son treating his body like an amusement park.”

Now that’s a funny line.  This episode will live in television lore for generations, but it’s really Estelle Harris’ performance as Estelle that is the unsung hero, as she berates George while in the hospital.  Another of Estelle’s funny lines usually came in the form of “Oh my God.”  Just a simple line, but Harris always nailed it, just like everyone else did on that show.

Even though Estelle dealt with constant stress, she was often the object of desire when Frank and her briefly separated.  After getting an eye job, she claims Kramer made a pass at her when he stopped short, and let’s not forget Sid Farkus (the bra salesman), who’s longing for Estelle ultimately became the downfall of “The Bro,” or “Manzire.”

Even though she probably preferred Lloyd Braun as a son, let us salute Mrs. Costanza, the poor mother who had to endure two extremely high maintenance individuals.  She also cooks one hell of a paella! –Daniel Cohen, Film Editor


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