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Moira Queen, Arrow


Based on conventional wisdom, most people would consider Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) to be a terrible mother, and it’s not hard to see why. In just the show’s first episode, she has her son, Oliver (Stephen Amell), tortured by hired thugs. She follows this up by conspiring with a lunatic bent on destroying part of Starling City, who she later attempts to have publicly assassinated. That’s a pretty long rap sheet, and I’m excluding things.

Despite all that, Moira always has what she believes are her family’s best interests in mind; she’d tell you she had Oliver tortured to protect him. Family is everything to her, and she wouldn’t hesitate to give her life for her children. Even though seemingly losing both Oliver and her husband almost tore her apart, Moira stepped up to the plate to be the anchor of her family and Queen Consolidated. She’s so integral to the show that it might not have taken off without her. –Aaron Sarnecky, Contributor

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