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Kristina Braverman, Parenthood


In my lifetime I have had a whole slew of favorite TV moms. But right now my maternal heart lies with Kristina Braverman (Monica Potter). She’s a great mom because she is fierce and wildly emotional. She doesn’t do everything perfectly and would definitely be on the list of moms you want to avoid at pick up. Kristina, though, is genuine. She isn’t afraid to call people out, whether it’s other parents or her in-laws.

While she was a stay at home mom, she had more to her than that one-dimensional description. She put her all into her kids, just as she put her all into everything else she chose to do like head a campaign, run for mayor, and start a charter school for kids with special needs. Kristina Braverman has without a doubt been added to my list of supermom role models because of her love and commitment to her kids, her marriage, and herself.  –Marley Ghizzone, News Editor


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