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Joyce Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer


In terms of TV moms, there are none better than Buffy’s mom, Joyce Summers. What makes Joyce so great, you ask? Joyce was supportive of Buffy through the tough times: when Buffy burnt down her Los Angeles high school gym, when her boyfriend went on a killing spree, when her slayer status came to light, when she was expelled, yet again, from another school and when the house and family came under attack the numerous times over the five season span that Joyce was alive. She accepted Buffy’s friends and lifestyle and even participated once or twice in saving the day. Sure, she hooked up with Giles and maybe even tried to kill Buffy once but both when under the influence of magic, so she cannot truly be blamed for those things.

When the time came for Joyce to die, there wasn’t a dry eye in the Buffy fanverse as we had all come to love her like a mother of our own. If she wasn’t such an amazing person, her death wouldn’t have affected us all the way it did. Joyce will always be missed. RIP Joyce Summers. –Ann Hale, Senior Writer/Horror Editor

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