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Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights


Tami Taylor (Connie Britton), aka “Mrs. Coach Taylor” from Friday Night Lights is my number one pick for best TV mom.  Not only does she go from being a guidance counselor, to a principal, to a social pariah before finally ending up as a college counselor throughout the course of the show; but she also manages to be a wife, a partner and a mother to both her children and a majority of her students and players on her husband’s football team.

I found Tami Taylor’s personality traits and flaws to be one of the most realistic character attributes on television.  As a mother to a teenage daughter and a baby she was handled both ends of the spectrum from temper tantrums to teenage hormones.  As principal, she chose to delegate funds towards her students education instead of towards the football booster’s jumbo-tron, despite the community (and the state’s) obsession with football.  When a student came to her for advice regarding an unplanned pregnancy she provided her with all of her options rather than pushing a pro-life or pro-choice agenda on the teen. She makes the hard decisions to help benefit the lives of her children, her students and her community and in doing so she inspired them to achieve goals beyond the expectations set forth on them by society. (cough, Tyra, cough) She may only be fictional, but I like to think there’s some resemblance to many of our own mothers in there, which is why she is, and always will be, the best television mom.  –Megan LaBruna, Staff Writer

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